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Mallcore Kid

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I combine shipping on multiple wins!
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Ablach - Aon
Absent / World Of Shit - split ep
Agathocles - Obey Thier Rules
Agathocles - Kanpai!! CD+DVD
All Falls Down / Reanima - split
Antigama - Stop The Chaos
Attack Of The Mad Axeman - Scumdogs Of The Forest
Bilogocal Mnostrosity / Necro Tampon / Feaces Eruption - 3 way split
Blood I Bleed - High Octan Trash
Blood I Bleed - Gods Out Of Monsters
Capitalist Casualties / Hellnation - split
Captain Cleanoff - Discography 1998-2001
Carnival Of Carnage / Biocyst - split
Catheter - Southwest Doom Viloence digipack
Confusion - Demos'lition
Cuntgrinder / Satan's Revange On Mankind / Hymen Holocaust - 3 way Penetration split
Dead Infection - Dead Singles Collection
Disturbance Project - Mediocridad Extrema
Exterem Noise Terror - Law Of Retalation
Extortion - Degenerate
Feastem - Fear In Concrete
Friday Night Gunfight - I Am the Explosion
Fuck U All / Covenance / Severed Head - 3 way ep
Fuck… I'm Dead - Another Gory Mess
Gadget / Phobia - split
Gleargh / Rising Terror / L.A.R.D.O.N. - Destroy To Conquer 3 way split
Grem Attak - Cruxshadow
Gut / Rompeprop - split 3"CD
Haemorrhage - Loathesongs
Haemorrhage - Punk Carnage Limited Edition Hand Numbered
Inferia - Release For Burial Orgies
Inferia - Fucking Is A Great Way To Get to Know New People
Jesus Ain't In Poland - Freibeit macht frei
Jesus Crost - 010
Joe Pesci - At Our Expense!
Lycantrophy - Collection 1998-2009
Łeb Prosiaka - Wilelkie Otwracie Parasola w Dupie
Machetazo - Trono De Huesos digipack
Malignant Tumour - …And Some Sick Parts Rotting Out There 1992-2012 2xCD
Mastic Scum - Mind
Neuropathia - 13
Neuropathia / Epicrise - split
Noisear / Department Of Correction - MCD split
Noisebazooka - Woolgathering Urban Antipodeans
O - IL Vuoto Perfetto
Phobia - Get Up And Kill
Phobia - Loud, Proud and Grand as Fuck! live
Pisshitter - Grundle Punch
Pulmonary Fibrosis - Interstital Lung Diseases
Retalation - Exhuming The Past - 14 Years Of Nothing
Sakatat - Bir Devrin Sonu
Sordid Remains - s/t
Spoonful Of Vicodin - rotcore
Squash Bowels - Tnyribal digipack
Stillbirth - Plakative Aggression
Stormcrow - Enslaved In Darkness
Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition - Inventory Of Fixtures
Suffering Mind - At War With Mankind digipack
The Bastard Noise - A Culture Of Monsters digipack
The Kill - Make 'em Suffer
Thorwald / Pulmonary Fibrosis - split
Tumour - Too Large For Digestive Capacity
Victims - A Dissident
Voetsek - Infernal Command
Warsore - Sweet Revenge
Warsore - Violent Swing 1996-2001 Discography 2xCD

7" EP:
Cander Spreading / Cruel Storm - split
Emblaming Theatre / Dead - split
Emblaming Theatre / FUBAR - split
Emblaming Theatre / Mesrine - split

FID / Insect Warfare - split
FUBAR / Blood I Bleed - split
FUBAR / Lycantrophy - Doomed To Consumed split
Gut / Rompeprop - split WHITE color vinyl
Haemorrhage - Grindcore RED color vinyl Limited Edition
Haemorrhage - Grindcore WHITE color vinyl Limited Edition
Haemorrhage - Grindcore BLUE color vinyl Limited Edition
Haemorrhage - Grindcore YELLOW color vinyl Limited Edition
Impetigo / Ingrowing - split PICTURE EP

Kylesa / Victims - split pain and suffering / on our knees_descend within GOLD/YELLOW TRANSPARENT vinyl color
Leng Tch'e / Fuck The Facts - split
Noisear / Department Of Correction - split
Sanitys Dawn / Mindflair - split
Spazz / Brutal Truth - split
Tu Carne / Ultimate Mondo Cannibale - split La casa del senor / Emanuele e gli ultimi cannibali
Wormrot / I Abahor - split

10" MLP:
Haemorrhage / Disgorge - Morgue Metal split GATEFOLD
Haemorrhage / Gruesome Stuff Relish - split GATEFOLD
Mesrine / Sposa In Alto Mare - Grinders split

Protestant - Stalemate
Ratos De Porao / Looking For An Answer - split

12" LP:
6 Mas - Rape The Earth..
Antigama - Stop The Chaos RED WAX
Antigama - Stop The Chaos WHITE WAX

Boredom / Rivers Run Dry - split
Catheter - Southwest Doom Violence GATEFOLD
Collision - A Healthy Dose OF Death MULTICOLORED WAX
Dephosphours - Night Sky Transform GATEFOLD plus poster
Disgusting Lies / Campus Sterminii - split
Gadget - The Funeral March RED color vinyl GATEFOLD
Keitzer - Descend Into Heresy
Lock Up - Hate Breed Suffering PICTURE LP GATEFOLD
Lock Up - Pleasure Paves Sewers PICTURE LP GATEFOLD
Looking For An Answer - Eterno Treblinka GATEFOLD
Machetazo - Trono De Huesos GATEFOLD
Maruta - Forward Into Regression GATEFOLD

Panacea - Under Blackened Sky GATEFOLD
Panacea - Under Blackened Sky GATEFOLD
Phobia - Remnants of Filth VIOLET color vinyl Limited Edition
Riversrundy / Tyrannicide - split
Skullhog - The Evil Dead multicolored wax
Standing On A Floor Of Bodies - Sacrilegious & Culturally Deficient
We Are Idols - Powerless GATEFOLD
Zodiac - Menschenstaub


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