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Mallcore Kid

Joined: Mon May 17, 2004 12:22 pm
Posts: 15
Location: France
PostPosted: Thu Dec 29, 2011 12:12 pm 

update : 3/12/2012

MAKE AN OFFER (without shipping)
FAIRE OFFRES (sans les frais de port)

I prefer order with 5 items minimum, but you can order less of course
trade are possible but not a lot of proposition interrest me, now I prefer listen essentials stuff in my collection !

je favorise les commandes de minimum 5 items
trade possible mais c'est rare vu toutes les merdes qu'on me propose en trade !

contact : abyssdiver AT hotmail.fr email only/ par mail uniquement

You can find a part of my list on discog too

ABAZAGORATH (Usa) The spirit of hate for mankind 7"Ep 2001 BLOOD FIRE DEATH
ABHORER (Sing) Upheaval of blasphemy (split w/ NECROPHILE) CD 2004
ABIGAIL (Jap) Welcome all Hell fuckers (lim 1000) MCD 2001
ALTAR OF PERVERSION (Ita) Adgnosco veteris vestigia flammae 10"Lp 2006 AJNA OFFENSIVE (Usa)
ANATOMY (Austra) Dark religion (#113/200) 7"Ep 1991 BLEED Records (Aus)
ANATOMY (Austra) The witches of Datomir CD 1999
ANATOMY (Austra) Twisting depths of horror CD 1993
ANATOMY (Austra) Where angel die CD 1996
ANGEL CORPSE (Usa) The inexorable CD 1999
ANIMUS HERILIS (Fra) Demain sera le chaos démo 2001
ANIMUS HERILIS (Fra) Mater tenebrarum demo 2002
ANIMUS MORTIS (Chi) Thresholds of insanity promo CD 2005 Debemur morti (Fra)
ANKRISMAH (Fra) Dive in the Abyss CD 2010 Armée de la mort Records (Fra) 9 €
ANNIHILATUS (Fin) demo 2000
ANWYL (Usa) Bloody Mary MCD 1999
ANWYL (Usa) Démo 98 Démo 1998
ANWYL (Usa) Totalitarian perversity (#288/300) 7"Ep 2001 EAL Productions (Fra)
ARCHAEAN HARMONY (Malta) Resentment of an evanesce aeon démo 1997
ARGHOSLENT (Usa) Usa The nubian archer (split w/ MORBID UPHEAVAL) #420/666 7"Ep 2004 AURA MYSTIQUE Productions (Fra)
ARKHON INFAUSTUS (Fra) Fra Split w/ REVENGE (Can) 7"Ep 2003 OSMOSE Productions (Fra)
ARKHON INFAUSTUS (Fra) Hell injection CD 2001 OSMOSE Productions (Fra)
ARMAGEDDA (Swe) Black metal endsieg III (split w/ SECRETS OF THE MOON/DARK STORM/...) lim 666 7"Ep 2002 SOMBRE Rrecords (Ger)
ATOMIZER (Austra) Death-Mutation-Disease-Annihilation # 418 / 500 Lp 2002 EAL Productions (Fra)
ATOMIZER (Austra) Gimme natural selection (w/ cover of Motörhead) #462/500 7"Ep 2001 NIHILIST VOID Records (Nor)
ATOMIZER (Austra) The end of forever CD 2000
ATOMIZER (Austra) Tyrus : the doom war of the armoured angel 7"Ep 2002 SOULSELLER Records (Hol)
AZAGHAL (Fin) DeathKult MMDCLXVI (compilation of old demo/rehearsal material) lim ed CD 2000
AZAGHAL (Fin) Helvetin yhdeksän püriä (The nine circle of hell) CD 2000
AZAGHAL (Fin) Mustamaa CD 1999
BARBATOS (Jap) War ! speed and power CD 2001
BARBATOS (Jap) We are legion ( split w/ WOLFBURG (Ger) ) 7"Ep 2000 SILENCELIKE DEATH Productions (Ger)
BELIAL (Fin) The gods of the pit Démo 1991
BLACK DEATH (Rus) Bottomless armageddon (recording '97) Lp 2003 FAUSTIAN Distribution
BLACK DEATH (Rus) Split w/ BLOODHAMMER # 166/666 split 7"Ep 2004 BREATH OF PESTILENCE Productions (Fin)
BLACK DEATH (Rus) split w/ HORNA split 7"Ep 2005 FROM BEYOND Records (Hol)
BLACK WITCHERY (Usa) Desecration of the holy kingdom (lim 1000) Lp 2002 NUCLEAR WAR NOW Productions (Usa)
BLOODHAMMER (Fin) Split w/ BLACK DEATH # 166/666 7"Ep 2004 BREATH OF PESTILENCE Productions (Fin)
BLOOD RITUAL (Usa) At the mountains of madness CD 1998
BOTULISTUM / DOMINI INFERI (Hol) Acts of encrement terrorism on the holy trinity # 441/666 split 7"Ep 2004 NEW ERA Productions (Hol)
BURNING WINDS (Usa) The flame of Lucifer MCD 2001 NECROSCOPE Productions (Usa)
CARCARIASS (Fra) Hell on earth CD 1997
CARCARIASS (Fra) Sideral torment CD 1998
CEREMONY (Usa) The days before the death MCD 2000
CIANIDE (Usa) Rage war 1996 (démo 96 + 4 bonus "live" tracks) CD 1999
CORPUS CHRISTII (Por) The fire god Digi CD 2001
CROWNED IN SEMEN Usa And the black cum shall spell forth (split w/ TYPHUS) 7"Ep 2006 DARK HORIZON Productions (Usa)
CULT OF DAATH (Usa) Razor war 7"Ep 2004 NUCLEAR WAR NOW Productions (Usa) / KLAXON Rec (Usa)
CULT OF DAATH (Usa) Under the cover of darkness demo 2001
DAMNATION (Pol) Rebel souls Digi CD 1996
DAMNATION (Pol) Reborn... (Pagan rec - Moon CD 002) CD 1995 PAGAN Recods
DARK OPUS Fra Split w/ DEMONCY 7"Ep 2004 BATTLESK'RS Productions (Fra) / SPIKEKULT (Fra)
DARK STORM (Czeh) Split w/SECRETS OF THE MOON (Ger)/ARMAGEDDA (Swe)/BAEL (Fra) split 7"Ep 2002 SOMBRE Rrecords (Ger)
DEATHSPELL OMEGA (Fra) Kenôse Lp 2005 N.E.D. (Fra) / AJNA productions (Usa)
DEATHSPELL OMEGA (Fra) Si monumentum requires, circumspice DLp 2002 N.E.D. (Fra)
DECAYED (Por) Attaque infernal O-tape 2003
DECAYED (Por) Behold the wrath # 328 7"Ep 1997 DEEKHAID Records (Por)
DEMONCY (Usa) split w/ DARK OPUS 7"Ep 2004 BATTLESK'RS Productions (Fra) / SPIKEKULT (Fra)
DEMON REALM (Den) Commence the final war (split w/ F.R.O.S.T./ GARWALL/ AXIS OF ADVANCE) 7"Ep 2001 DAIMONION Records
DEMON REALM (Den) ...Of chaos damnation and war démo 1999
DER GERWELT (Rus) Nordlich Sturm O-Tape 2000
DESASTER (Ger) Stormbringer DigiMCD 1996
DISSIMULATION (Lit) Miglose démo 2000
DYING EMBRACE (India) Misanthrope # 188/300 7"Ep 2002 LEGION OF DEATH Productions (Fra)
EIDOMANTUM (Swe) The death # 15/333 7"Ep 2001 SOMBRE Rrecords (Ger)
EINHERJER (Nor) Aurora boréalis démo 1994
EMPEROR (Nor) Anthems to the welkin at dusk CD 1997
EMPEROR (Nor) Reverence MCD 1997
ESOTERIC (UK) Subconscious dislution into the contenuum CD 2004
FINIS GLORIA DEI (Fra) In tenebris (rehearsal) demo 2003
FROZEN SHADOWS (Can) Dans les bras des immortels CD 1999
FROZEN SHADOWS (Can) Empire de glace démo 1996
FUNERALIUM Fra CD 2007 Total Rust
FUNERAL RITES (Jap) Necroeater CD 2000
FUNERAL RITES (Jap) Weird tales démo 1997
FUNERAL WINDS Godslayer XUL (Daimonion Rec) CD 2005 DAIMONION Records
FUNERAL WINDS tracks recorded on 11/09/1993 (taken from cassette Ep "Resurrection" CD 2003
FUNERAL WINDS tracks recorded on 27/02/1993 (taken from the demo "la majestie infernable" CD 2003
FUNERAL WINDS tracks recorded on 31/07/1994 (taken from split CD w/ ABIGAIL) CD 2003
GARWALL (Fra) Inhumana crudelitas démo 1999
GARWALL (Fra) Veni vidi vici (split w/ F.R.O.S.T./ AXIS OF ADVANCE/ DEMON REALM) 7"Ep 2001 DAIMONION Records
GNOSTIC (Usa) Bloodwars of heretic supremacy # 089/ 333 Lp 2002 ORDEALIS Productions (Fra)
GNOSTIC (Usa) Vistigium de monasteriom demo 1997
GOATREICH 666 (Ita) Phlegeton catacombs howling torture promo 2001
GODLESS NORTH (Can) Dark rites of the mystic Order (demo '98) demo 2002 WARSPIRIT Records (Fra)
GOTMOOR (Bel) Vlaemsche premitieven CD 2000
GRAUSAMKEIT (Ger) Split w/ OLD PAGAN (lim 166) split démo 2000
GRAVELAND (Pol) Epilogue promo tape 1993
GRAVELAND (Pol) In the glare of burning churches CD 1993
GRAVELAND (Pol) In the glare of burning churches démo 1993
GRIMFAUG (Bel) Blood open the face of creation # 022 / 320 Lp 2004 PAINIAC Records (Bel)
GRIMLORD (Fra) Through hatred of life démo 1999
HAAT (Hol) Lust for war démo 2000
HEADHUNTER DC (Bra) Brazilian deathkult live violence...14 years of brutality O-Tape 2001
HEGEMON (Fra) Chaos supreme CD 2000
HEGEMON (Fra) Rape the banner of light (AWE 01) démo 1997
HELLWAR (Swe) Hellfuck demo 2002
HIGHGATE Usa CD 2007 Total Rust
HORNA (Fin) Hildentorni CD 1997
HORNA (Fin) Kisti ja ruoska # 306/666 7"Ep 2002 LEDO TAKAS Records (Lithuania)
HORNA (Fin) Kohti uhdeksan nousua (lim 1500) CD 1997
HORNA (Fin) Korpin hetki # 353/500 7"Ep 2002 APOCALYPTIC EMPIRE Productions (Nor)
HORNA (Fin) split w/ BLACK DEATH 7"Ep 2005 FROM BEYOND Records (Hol)
HORNA (Fin) Split w/ FOG (Usa) (lim 1000) split 7"Ep 2001 DARK HORIZON Productions (Usa)
HORNA (Fin) Sudentaival CD 2001
HURUSOMA (Jap) This beautiful silence... démo 1997
IMPALER (Usa) / RIPSNORTER (Usa) Black leather monster / Beyond the grave # 420/666 red vinyl split 7"Ep 1998 ROOT-O-EVIL Records
INCRIMINATED (Fin) split w/ BLOODHAMMER lim 400 split Lp 2001 NORTHERN HERITAGE (Fin)
INCRUST (Bra) The bloody art of torture demo 2001
INFERNAL NECROMANCY (Jap) Freezing blackstained universe # 138/500 7"Ep 2003 FORGOTTEN WISDOM Productions (Fra)
INNER HELVETE (Por) Total bloodshedding devastation # 101 / 500 Lp 2002 ORDEALIS Productions (Fra)
ISENGARD (Nor) Spectres over Gorgoroth (split w/ DARKTHRONE) split démo 1989
ITNOS Sing Christ Mary bitch #171/500 7"Ep
JEZABEL / MALEFICARUM (Col) # 155 / 500 split Lp 2004 LEGION OF DEATH Productions (Fra)
KATHARSIS (Ger) Kruzifixion Lp 2003 N.E.D. (fra)
KATHARSIS (Ger) The red eye of wrath promo
KILL (Swe) Morbid curse demo 2003
KILL (Swe) Nocturnal death ('98) demo 2002
KORIHOR (Philippines) Warmageddon # 142 / 300 7"Ep 2002 LEGION OF DEATH Productions (Fra)
KRATORNAS (Philippines) The onslaught of battledemons # 474 / 666 10"Lp 2002 ORDEALIS Productions (Fra)
KRATORNAS (Philippines) The onslaught of battledemons démo 1999
KRIEG (Usa) Split w/ KULT OV AZAZEL split CD 2000
KRIEG (Usa) Split w/ SATANIC WARMASTER # 493 / 1000 7"Ep 2003 DARKLAND Records (Ger)
LEMMING PROJECT (Ger) Extinction O-Tape 1991
LEMMING PROJECT (Ger) Hate and despise CD 1992
L.O.K.O.S.T. Fra Chute mentale demo 2008 Insidious Poisoning Records (fra)
LOTUS CIRCLE Fra Bottomless Vales and Boundless Floods promo CD 2007 NYKTA Productions (Gre)
LOTUS CIRCLE (gre)/ NEKROKAOS (fra) split Cd 2010 self mutilation service (Mex) 9€
MARDUK (Swe) Live in Marseille 17.02.95 CD 1999 bootleg
MARDUK (Swe) Nightwing CD 1998
MEGIDDO (Can) The devil and the whore CD 2000
MORDULV (Den) Ateulv 666 (split w/ NEMA) # 127 / 500 split 7"Ep 1998 MIRIQUIDI Productions (Ger) / Er Nocte Lur Records (Ger)
MORNINGSTAR (Fin) Inside the circle of pentagram promo-démo 1993
MORRIGAN (Ger) (ex-Mayhemic truth) Plague, waste and death CD 2001
MOURNFUL CONGREGATION (Aus) The dawning of mournful hymns CD 2002
MURHA (Fin) demo lim 51 Promo CD-R 2003
NARGAROTH (Ger) Amarok CD 2000
NARGAROTH (Ger) Black metal endsieg II (split w/ APOLOKIA/ DECAYED / GODLESS NORTH) split 7" Ep 2001 SOMBRE Rrecords (Ger)
NARGAROTH (Ger) Rasluka part II MLp 2001 NO-COLOURS Records (Ger)
NÄSTROND (Swe) From a black funeral coffin black tape # 171 / 666 démo 1994
NATTEFROST Nor Blood and vomit Lp 2004 SEASON OF MIST (Fra) / DISPLEASED Records
NAV (Rus) anti-sheep 008 demo 2000 ZIMARGLA POWER Productions (Rus)
NAV (Rus) anti-sheep 011 demo 2001 ZIMARGLA POWER Productions (Rus)
NECHBEYTH (Sing) Total battle supremacy demo 2003 INCOFFIN Productions (Phil)
NECROPSY (Ger) Some dark impressions 7"Ep 1991 CENTURY MEDIA Records
NEKROKAOS "Chaos III" split CD w/ LOTUS CIRCLE (Gre) Self Mutilations Services (Mex) 9 €
NEKROKAOS Chaos "IV" LP 2012 Discipline Productions Por) (Bubonic Productions 17 €
NEMA (Ger) Way of salvation (split w/ MORDULV) # 127 / 500 split 7"Ep 1998 MIRIQUIDI Productions (Ger) / Er Nocte Lur Records (Ger)
NEMA (Ger) Winterly landscape démo 1994
NUNSLAUGHTER (Usa) Trifurcate (lim 1000) 7"Ep 2001 WARLORD Records (Ita)
OATH OF CIRION (Fin) King of the dragonthrone démo 1999
ODAL (Ger) Fimbul winter 7"Ep 2002 SOMBRE Rrecords (Ger)
ODAL (Ger) Traitor # 083 / 333 7"Ep 2001 CHRISTHUNT Productions (Ger)
OLD PAGAN (Ger) 2 tracks + Eternal Armageddon (PAGAN WINTER '94 cover) # 483 / 550 7"Ep 1998
OLD PAGAN (Ger) Split w/ GRAUSAMKEIT split démo 2000
OLD PAGAN (Ger) Trash black metal holocaust demo 2001
OPUS FORGOTTEN (Nor) Demon of destruction # 593 / 666 7" Ep 2000 AFTERMARTH Music (Nor)
PARAGON IMPURE Bel To Gaius!… CD 2005
PRIMIGENIUM (Spa) All your tears will be ours # 341 / 350 7"Ep 2000 EAL Productions (Fra)
PROFANE CREATION (Bra) Supremacy démo 1994
RAKOTH (Rus) Planeshift digiCD 1999
RAVENING (Fin) Exordium - Niedergang Démo 1999
RAVEN (Nor) the murder sessions #70/333 Lp Darkland record (Ger)
SABBAT Jap Bloody countess ('86) demo 2002 AFTERLIFE Productions
SABBAT Jap Demo 94 & Live in Tokyo 94 demo 1994
SABNACK (USA) Nefandus pactum (lim 200) démo#2 1997
SANATORIO (Bra) Rotten penetration demo 1999
SANCTUM (UK) Raped of your religion CD 1993 LETHAL Records
SARCASM (Swe) Scattered ashes Pict 7"Ep 2001 DANZA IPNOTICA Records
SATANIC WARMASTER (Fin) Opferblut Lp 2003 NO-COLOURS Records (Ger)
SATANIC WARMASTER (Fin) split w/ KRIEG # 493 / 1000 7"Ep 2003 DARKLAND Records (Ger)
SECRETS OF THE MOON (Ger) Black metal endsieg III (split w/ ARMAGEDDA/ DARK STORM/ BAEL) split 7"Ep 2002 SOMBRE Rrecords (Ger)
SECRETS OF THE MOON (Ger) demo demo 1996 + Live in Bramsche/Osnabrück 28.12.1996 demo 1996
SECRETS OF THE MOON (Ger) Split w/ AVERSE SEFIRA 7"Ep 2003 SPIKEKULT Rekords (Fra) / AKEDIA Rekords (Fra)
SEED OF HATE (Ger) Under the banner of hate festival am 21.10.00 in Trautskirchen demo 2001
SKALDER (Ger) Krieg démo 2000
SKULLCRUSHER (Fin) Storming onslaught (demo2) démo 1999
SORHIN (Swe) Döden MCMXCVIII Digi MCD 1999
STORM LEGION (Por) Statement... demo 2001
SUMMUM MALUM (Por) Lusitanian evilness demo 1999
SUNN O))) Usa Black one DLp 2005 Southern lord recordings
SURRENDER OF DIVINITY (Thai) Oriental hell rhythmics CD 2000
TERROR SQUAD (Jap) The wild stream of eternal sin CD 1999
THY ANTICHRIST (Col) Possessed by my own Satan (split w/ UTUK XUL) split CD 2002
TORMENTOR (Hongr) Seventh day of doom (réédition démo 88) O-tape 1998
TRIFIXION (Austria?) The first and the last commandment (Lethal Rec) CD 1995 LETHAL Records
TSJUDER (Nor) Atum nocturnem promo 1999
TSJUDER (Nor) Demonic possession Lp 2002 DRAKKAR Productions (Fra)
UNCREATION'S DAWN (Fin) Night of the damnation demo 1999
UNPURE (Swe) The unpurest sabbatical splitombstone (split w/ SABBAT lim 555) split 7"Ep 2001 IRON PEGASUS Records (Ger)
UNPURE (Swe) Trinity in Black CD 2001 DRAKKAR Productions (Fra)
UNVEILED (Fin) Suicide inc. # 140 / 333 7"Ep 2001 SHADES OF AUTUMN Productions (Fin)
URGEHAL (Nor) Atomkinder CD 2001
UTUK XUL (Col) The spirits of the abyss (split w/ THY INFERNAL) split CD 2002
V/A- ORCHESTRATION FOR THE DAMNED Denial Of God, Avernus, Buried Beneath, Gorgon, Opera IX, Ancient,... O-Tape 1994
V/A - Prostitue-toi au diable vol 2 Warloghe,Antaeus, Urgrund, Darvulia, Tsjuder, O-Tape 2003
V/A- THE CALL OF RAGNARÖK Tumulus, Enthroned, Einherjer, Osculum Infame, Moonblood, zephyrous,... O-tape 1999
VOLITION CD 2007 Total Rust
WAGCHOR (Fin) Sodan julistus démo 1999
WATAIN (Swe) Casus Lucifieri Lp 2003 N.E.D. (fra)
WATAIN (Swe) Rabid death's curse (lim 1000) CD 2000 DRAKKAR Productions (Fra)
WITCHCRAFT (Hung) On the path of fogs démo 2001
WITCHCRAFT (Hung) split w/ GHOLGOTH # 265 / 365 split 7"Ep 2002 MIRIQUIDI Productions (Ger) / TITY OF THE DEAD Records (Ger)
WITCH CULT (Jap) (with member of INFERNAL NECROMANCY) démo 2000
WITCHMASTER (Pol) Masochistic devil worship (lim 200) Pict LP 2003 AGONIA Records (Pol)
WITCHMASTER (Pol) No peace at all démo 1997
WITCHMASTER (Pol) Trash or die ! démo 1998
WITCHSLAUGHTER (Ger) Priests of profanation démo 2001
WITH HATE I BURN (Fin) Plutonian scarlet fields démo 2000
WOLOK Fra Servum pecus Lp 2007 Insidious Poisoning Records (fra)
WOODS OF BELIAL (Fin) 666 Yndstr draconis démo 1997
WOODS OF BELIAL (Fin) Thy unholy pentagram démo 1996

Mallcore Kid

Joined: Mon May 17, 2004 12:22 pm
Posts: 15
Location: France
PostPosted: Mon Dec 03, 2012 5:48 pm 


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