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PostPosted: Wed Oct 17, 2012 9:05 am 

location : Belgium
contact : schsid@live.be
minimum order : 10 euros (don't forget that you can combine shipping costs when you buy more than 1 item)

sale list :


Cornigr "Relics of Inner War" tape 8 euros
Drakonhail "Passages Nocturnes" tape (017/100) 3 euros
Faarthkrag "The Station, the Passenger and the Vast Chasm" tape (band from Belgium) 3 euros
Godless North "Tyrants of Black Sorcery" tape (pro tape on War Hammer Records) 5 euros
Hate Forest "To those who came before us" tape (self-released) 5 euros
Hate Forest "Scythia" tape (1999, Beverina) 15 euros
Hate Forest "The Curse" tape (2000, Kolovrat/Nawia) 15 euros
Hate Forest "The Gates" tape (self-released) 5 euros
Hell Militia "The Second Coming - Reh" tape (contains pig blood, Left Hand Propaganda) 20 euros
Horrendous "Sweet Blasphemies" tape (pro tape, Dark Descent) 3 euros
Min Kniv "Av Aske" tape (with stamp, Fossbrenna) 8 euros
Nortada Gelada "Aos Homens que Nao aparecem nos libros" tape (at my sense the best release from Portugal) 3 euros
Peste Noire "Lorraine Rehearsal" tape (first press, Night Birds) 5 euros
Sacrilegium / North split tape (pro tape, 2000, Nawia, contains the Sacrilegium song you find on the Drudkh "Slavonic Chronicles" release) 8 euros
Sale Freux "Mortuailes" tape (self-released) 3 euros
Sale Freux "Subterraneus" tape (self-released) 3 euros
Taphophilia "Sinistres Emanations" tape (pro tape ltd to 100, great demo from France) 5 euros
Unholy Crucifix "Morbid Edifice" tape (Northern Sky) 3 euros
Warloghe "The Black Tower" tape (original tape, self-released, got it from the Daimonion Productions guy) 25 euros
White Wolves Kommando "Our Empire of Shadows" tape (pro tape, Satanic Warmaster side project) 5 euros

CDs :

Absu "The Sun of Tiphareth" cd (Osmose) 5 euros
Anal Blasphemy "Bestial Black Metal Filth" cd 5 euros
Archgoat "Whore of Bethlehem" digipack cd + dvd 10 euros
Armagedda "The Final War Approaching" cd (Breath of Night/Merciless) 5 euros
Blut Aus Nord "Odinist" cd 5 euros
Celtic Frost "Morbid Tales" cd 5 euros
Celtic Frost "To Mega Therion" cd 5 euros
Clandestine Blaze "Night of the Unholy Flames" cd (first press) 8 euros
Cult of Daath "The Grand Torturers of Hell" cd (first press, War Hammer, 88/666) 8 euros
Darkthrone "Circle of the Wagons" ltd digipack cd 8 euros
Deathspell Omega "Si Monumentum Requires Circumspice" cd 5 euros
Enthroned "Prophecies of Pagan Fire" cd (first press) 10 euros
Enthroned "Towards the Skullthrone of Satan" cd 8 euros
Godless North "Fimbulvetr Anthology" 2cd 5 euros
Graveland "Immortal Pride" cd 5 euros
Judas Iscariot "Dethroned, Conquered and Forgotten" cd 5 euros
Katharsis "666" cd (NED) 8 euros
Katharsis "Kruzifixxion" cd (NED) 8 euros
Lord of Pagathorn "Msilihporcen" cdr 3 euros
Lugubrum / Finsternis split cd 5 euros
Lugubrum "De Vette Cuecken" cd 5 euros
Mayhem "Live in Leipzig" digipack cd 5 euros
Nartvind "Until their Ruin" cd 5 euros
Nitberg / Volkoten "Hammer Harte" split cd 10 euros
Nunslaughter "Sins of Father" cd 5 euros
Sinisterite "st" cd 3 euros
Temnozor "Horizons" cd 5 euros
Temnozor "Folkstorm of the Azure Nights" cd 5 euros
Woods of Infinity "Hejda" cd 5 euros

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