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PostPosted: Thu Aug 02, 2012 12:53 am 

I posted it also in the trade section...but selling CDs is not a bad idea too :)


-AIIZ / JAGUAR: No fun after midnight (original Reborn Classic RC 1041) POSSIBLY TRADE WITH AIIZ RE-RELEASE ON KRESCENDO. 10 euro

-ALIEN FORCE (DEN): Pain And Pleasure + Bonus (Karthago Records). 6 euro

-ALLTHENIKO (ITA): Millennium Reburn (Mygraveyard, 2011). 5 euro

-ANGUISH (ITA): Cry, Gaia, Cry (Mygraveyard, 2011). 5 euro

-ANTACID/HATRED (MYS/COL): Metal Chaos Across The World (Areadeath, with OBI). 7 euro

-ARIA (RUS): Phenix (Soyux Records, 2011). Their latest studio album. Still sealed. 12 euro

-ARIA (RUS): Luchshee/The Best Of (Top Sound, 2009, 2 x CD) Best off 1985/2009 with all classic songs. 4-panel Digipack, official CD edition. 7 euro

-ARMOUR (FIN): The Sonichouse Tapes Chinese Edition (With OBI. Last copies on Areadeath. Out of print, out of stock at ADP) 5 COPIES LEFT. 6 euro

-BATTLE RAM (ITA): Smash The Gates (Mygraveyard, 2009). 5 euro

-BLIND GUARDIAN (GER): Battalions Of Fear (Strange bootleg with black CD). 5 euro

-CHERNYIJ KOFE/BLACK COFFEE (RUS): Svetlyi Metall (Misteriya Zvuka 2000, rare). 6 euro

-CHERNYIJ KOFE/BLACK COFFEE (RUS): Pridi I Vse Vozmi (Triary, 2002, rare 1984 Demo on CD!!!). 10 euro

-COVEN (USA): Worship new gods (Hot Metal Records). Amazing doom metal from USA. 22 euro.

-DARKING (ITA): Sons Of Steel (Mygraveyard). 5 euro

-DARK QUARTERER (ITA): Symbols (Mygraveyard). 5 euro

-DAWN UNDER ECLIPSE (ITA): UniVersus (UltimHate Records). 5 euro

-ELIXIR (UK): Son Of Odin (Cult Metal Classic). First edition on cd. Rare. 30 euro

-GIRLSCHOOL (UK): Hit and run (Universal Japan UICY-93879). 20 tracks ( 11 Lp songs + 9 bonus tracks. Same as old 2001 Castle Music/Sanctuary Edition). 30 euro

-GLASGOW (UK): Zero, Four, One (Greek bootleg). 4 euro

-HELLOWEEN (GER): Keeper Of The Seven Keys Pt. 1 (Noise Records, 1987). 6 euro

-HURD (MON): Mongold Tursuun (Self Released, 2005. Heavy Metal/Hard Rock legends from Mongolia. Their 7th album from 2005). 8 euro

-KRANIUM (PER): Sociedad O Suciedad? (Helvetet Reords, Peru) Old Live Demo 1992 on CD. 10 euro

-LIONHEART (UK): Hot Tonight (Sony Records SRCS 6245, 92.11.1, with japanese insert) . 16 euro

-MACABRE (CAN): Gloom + Grim Reality (Vinyl Solution, UK, 1990 original edition). Incredibly rare. First edition on cd. 25 euro

-MALICE (USA): License To Kill (East West Japan, AMCY-2982, 99.2.24, with OBI) TRADE ONLY . 15 euro

-MOTORHEAD (UK): Motorhead (atually "On parole") + bonus (Disky Comm 2007). 7 euro

-NAPALM DEATH (UK): Scum + From enslavement to obliteration (Earache, original 1989, 54 tracks) 1+2 cult albums + unreleased. Original 1989 pressing! Rare! 20 euro

-NASTY TENDENCY (ITA): Hello, Sucker (Mygraveyard, 2011). 5 euro

-NECRODEATH (Italy): Into the macabre CD (Scarlet 1999) 7 euro

-PAGANINI (SWI): Paganini (Baur Music 1991). Best of 1985-1990. 4 euro

-PENTACROSTIC (BRA): The Pain Years 1989-2010 (Various label) Incredible collection of rare and out pf print material. 2nd Demo 1991 + unreleased demos recorded in the late 90's. 8 euro

-RAVEN (UK): All for one (Castle Music/Sanctuary CMRCD494). Suprer rare with 5 bonus tracks! Out of print. Still sealed. 30 euros. 2 COPIES AVAILABLE

-RED WARLOCK (ITA): Serve Your Master (Mygraveyard, 2010). 5 euro

-RENEGADE (GER): The narrow way (Karthago Records). Contains S/T Lp 1986 + "Lost angels" Lp 1991. 6 euro

-SAMSON (UK): Live at Reading 1981 (Castle Music/Sanctuary CMRCD191). With 3 bonus studio tracks with Bruce Dickinson on vocals, unavailable elsewhere. Impossible to find. Still sealed. Ultra rare. 2 COPIES AVAILABLE. 50 euro.

-SAXON (UK): Power and the glory (Classic Rock Series EMI). 4 euro

-STARYII GOROD (RUS): Volchya yama + Pyatnicha 13 Double CD (CD Maximum, 2011) Pre-Kruger, with Live Tape 1987 + Studio Demo 1989 on 2 CD! 10 euro

-STEEL ANGEL (FRA): Kiss of steel + And the angels were made of steel (Hot Metal Records). 6 euro

-THE RODS (USA): The rods (High Vaultage). Lp 1991 + bonus tracks. 7 euro

-THE RODS (USA): Wild dogs (High Vaultage). Lp 1982 + bonus tracks. 7 euro

-THOR (SPA): Thor + Mata a la bestia (Hot Metal Records, with external cardbox). 6 euro

-TITAN FORCE (USA): Winner/Loser + bonus (Cult Metal Classic). 6 euro

-VOLTAJ'88 (Romania): Sweet angel child + Obsesii (Electrecords, 1996) VERY, VERY RARE! 20 euro


-DEERFIELD (USA): Nil desperandum (Gear Fab Records). 6 euro

-ELDERBERRY JACK (USA): Long overdue (Gear Fab Records). 6 euro

-TAYLES (USA): Who are these guys + bonus (Gear Fab Records). Complete discography. 6 euro

-VOX DEI (ARGENTINA): La biblia. Their 1971 masterwork. One of the greatest progr-rock album ever from South America. On M&M CD printed in 1991. Very rare! 15 euro


-DARK TALES: Living out 18 euro
-DIAFRAMMA: Live and unreleased 10 euro
-RINF: Chaosjugend Strasse 7 euro


-CORPSOPHAGIST/MELODICA: Split CD. Totally harsh/noise. On No Tomorrow Records. 6 euro

-CRIPPLE BASTARDS/AGATHOCLES (ITA/BEL): Split Demo 1993. CB Side: Live in Pula 1992 + Demo 1992. AG side: Live in Aalst 1989. Official demo with inserts. On E.U.91 Prod. (E.U. 005) 10 euro

-CRIPPLE BASTARDS/HARSH FEELINGS/GRIMCORPSES/FILTHY CHARITY (ITA/FRA): Caught in your silence 4-way split Tape (E.U.91 007. 1993). CB + 2 side projects vs French noisecore legends Filthy Charity. CB and FC are playing hundreds of burst of noise in the vein (and a tribute to) 7 Minutes Of Nausea. Original tape with inserts. Pro printed cover and tape. 10 euro

-GRINDER MAFIA (ITA): The First Reich Discography Pt. 1 (On Sun Blast Records, China). Early discography. Impossible to find as most of copies went destroyed by Chinese authorities due to its pornographic contents. The only Italian band ever produced by a Chinese label! 10 euro

-I.R.A. (COL): Cronicas De Una Decada Podrida. Anarcho punk from Colombia with female vocal. The most famous and llong running band from the country with a lot of releases. This is their first Lp recorded in 1992, very very rare on Tekagaste records. 10 euro

-KAOS (PER): Kaos. Total cult raging raw punk hc from 1989. CD released by Illy Joker Records in 1994. Super rare. 15 euro.

-OLOCAUSTO (ITA): Sadistic Violation Of Human Rights. Gore-grind from new italian promises. On No Tomorrow Records. 5 euro

-STUPIDS (UK): Retard Picnic + Feedback Sessions + Flexi (Clay Records, 1993. Very rare and old edition. Incredible ultrafast punk/hc). OLD AND RARE. 8 euro

-V.A.: BLLLEEEEAAAUUURRRRGGHHH! The CD (Goatsucker, 2003. 166 bands! 217 songs! The best grind/noise compilation EVER of the 90s and more! A total must!) 9 euro

-V.A.: DISCHARGED (Rhythm Vicar Records, original 1992). Wonderful bands covering mighty Discharge: E.N.T., Concrete Sox, Excrement Of War, Disaster, Raw Noise, Nausea, S.D.S., Scamp, C.F.U.D.L.....aaaargh! Ultra rare! 8 euro

-V.A. (Ita): No One Can Decide For You - Furious Years Of Italian HC In 7 Inches CD (Antichrist Dyonisus Prod-Ita, 1995 - complete 7": Wretched, Declino, 2 x Peggio Punx, Fall Out, Eu's Arse, Impact/Eu's Arse Split, super rare!). 15 euro

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