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Mallcore Kid

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 29, 2012 5:39 pm 

We are pleased to make known the availibility of a very limited number of Sacrificial Totem cds that have been discovered in storage, in their complete original presentation.
Sacrificial Totem existed from 2000-2006, developing a distinct style of obscure and esoteric ritual electronics, whose influence can still be felt in numerous projects active today based in the region known as Cascadia. Known for strictly limited handmade cdrs and cathartic ritual performances, the sounds of Sacrificial Totem have been described as "blackest ambient metal" . The project ceased to exist in early 2006 when the sole creator behind Sacrificial Totem, Exile, was arrested, having been betrayed by former co-conspirators, as part of the FBI's "Operation Backfire" for his involvement in eco-sabotage arsons attributed to the "ELF". After serving over six years in federal prison, he was released earlier this year.
In the chaos that was the aftermath of being arrested and having his house raided by federal anti-terrorist law enforcement agencies, much of the Sacrificial Totem studio and ritual space equipment was stolen, and it had was assumed that the remaining Sacrificial Totem cds were also lost. Fortunately, while exploring what was preserved of his belongings in storage, a small number of the original Sacrificial Totem cdrs, in complete packaging, were unearthed.

There were four Sacrificial Totem cdr releases, each presented in hand constructed black on black packaging.

Sacrificial Totem (known as Nidstang) was released in a wax-sealed edition of 23 in late 2002 and rereleased by The Ajna Offensive in 2003, also in hand constructed and wax sealed envelopes in an edition of 150, of which 30 were placed in an additional hand sewn cloth pouch sealed with an antler button.

Alamut was released in 2003 in an edition of 28, packaged with two sprigs of cedar bough and tied shut with black leather rawhide. Each contained a hand drawn sigil card in addition to the sikscreened sleeve.

Kurghan was released in 2005, planned in an edition of 64, but of which fewer than 40 were ever constructed, all containing 3 inserts of lyrics and meditational sigils, of which 16 contained paint used in the series of ritual performances which accompanied the material on the disc.

Hurqalya was released in 2005 by Katabatik, in an edition of 99, which saw the inclusion of a green vellum insert page into the much imitated and influential black on black packaging.

Of this limited number of editions ever painstakingly constructed, we have available 4 copies of the Ajna edition of Nidstang; 2 in the sewn pouch and 2 not in the pouch, one of which unfortunately had its wax seal broken during storage.
Also availible are 8 copies of Kurghan, which represents nearly a quarter of all the copies ever produced. All of these are in the original packaging, with the slight variation and that is to be expected from a handmade piece that has been in storage for over six years, but all in the condition in which they were conceived to be distributed.

We are accepting offers on any of these copies, but would like to sell the Nidstang copies in the sewn pouches for $60/each and the non-pouch Nidstang copies for $40. The Kurghan copies, because of the absolutely limited nature of the presentation and the fact that these are of the original production run, never to be presented in this format again, we are asking $70/each. These are the absolute last copies of these obscure and rumoured releases in their original packaging, handmade and not to be rereleased in this influential format.
The cds are being sold with the express purpose of raising funds to replace the integral parts of the Sacrificial Totem studio lost after his arrest, so as to return to musical production.

To purchase a cd, or for more information please contact: sacrificialtotem.arktaion@gmail.com.


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