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De Demoon
Mallcore Kid

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 29, 2012 1:17 pm 


Location: The Netherlands
Prices in euros
mail: mart_kwakkel@hotmail.com

Abigor-Nachthymnen LP (gold vinyl), GF ltd.500 (Chaos Sacrum Records,2008) €25
Abominat-Storms of Calamity EP (purple/grey vinyl) ltd.565 (No Posers Please,2006) €5
Accept-Metalheart LP (Indisc,1985) €5
Arckanum-Trulen DLP, GF+poster ltd.666 (Blut & Eisen,2006) €25
Arckanum-Kostogher DLP (picture LP), GF ltd.888 (Hammer of Hate,2010) €20
Assaulter-Salvation like destruction LP ltd.500 (Iron Bonehead,2008) €15
Baptism-The Beherial Midnight LP, GF ltd.500 (Northern Heritage,2002) €80
Baptism-Black Ceremony EP (Pic) ltd.400 (Faustian Distribution,2004) €50
Baptism-Wisdom & Hate LP ltd.300 (Northern Heritage,2004) €75
Bathory-Twilight of the Gods LP (Black Mark Production,2003) €15
Black Witchery / Conqueror-Hellstorm of Evil Vengeance LP (Dark Horizon records,2000) €40
Cadaver / Voice of Hate-Split EP (grey vinyl) ltd.666 (Temple of Darkness,2006) €5
Carnivore - Retaliation LP - small scratch on vinyl [Roadrunner] €8
Chariot-The Warrior LP (Shades,1984) €5
Clandestine Blaze-Deliverers of Faith LP, GF ltd.500 (Northern Heritage,2004) €40
Clandestine Blaze-Church Of Atrocity + free EP LP (Northern Heritage,2006) €55
Clandestine Blaze-Archive I+II+III - 3 LP's; niet los te koop (Northern Heritage,2008) €45
Clandestine Blaze / Satanic Warmaster-Split LP, GF (Northern Heritage,2004) €50
Cryptopsy-Blasphemy Made Flesh (rerelease) LP (Displeased Records,2005) €15
Dark Storm / Apolokia-In Ceremonial Circles / Kult Satan LP ltd.350 (Sombre Records,2001) €20
Darkthrone-A Blaze in the Northern Sky LP rerelease nr.265/2000 - clear vinyl (Peaceville Records, 2011) €18
Darkthrone-Plague Wielder LP, GF ltd.1000 (Moonfog Productions,2001) €25
Dead to this World-Dominions of Death EP ltd.320/500 (Iron Pegasus,2005) €5
Dead to this World / Audiopain-Split EP, GF ltd.500 (Hearse Records,2006) €5
Death Fist-Demons EP (splatter vinyl)+poster ltd.500 (High Roller Records,2009) €5
Deathspell Omega-Paracletus LP, GF (Norma Evangelium Diaboli,2010) €20
Debauchery (Judas Iscariot)-Dead Scream Symphony EP10 (End All Life,2003) €20
Deicide-The Stench of Redemption LP (Earache Records,2006) €15
Demoncy-Within the Sylvan Realms of Frost LP ltd.350 (Sombre Records,2000) €35
Desolation Hymn (Judas Iscariot)-Purgatory despairing EP ltd.666 (Blood Fire Death,2003) €5
Devil's Blood, The-The Graveyard Shuffle EP (red vinyl, first press!!) (Ván Records,2008) €75
Emperor-Wrath of the Tyrant LP (Pic) (Candlelight Records,2001) €15
Gospel of the Horns-The Satanists Dream LP black vinyl (Master's Throne,2009) €11
Gospel of the Horns-Sinners/ Monuments of Impurity LP (Pic)+poster ltd.444 (Master's Throne,2007) €11
Horna-Ääniä Yössä LP ltd.1000 (Debemur Morti / Grievantee,2006) €20
Hurusoma-War LP ltd.100 (Sombre Records,1999) €35
Incriminated-Miracle of Purity LP ltd.400 (Northern Heritage,2002) €25
Incriminated-Illusion of Love EP (Northern Heritage,2001) €15
Inkisitor-s/t EP (End All Life,2007) €6
Judas Iscariot-Under the Black Sun LP ltd.134/500 (Painiac Records,2000) €55
Korgonthurus (Horna)-Korgonthurus LP (Grievantee Productions,2005) €35
Krieg-Black plague DLP ltd.601/666 (Zerstörungs Produktionen,2007) €15
Krieg / Azaghal-Split EP10 ltd.666 (From Beyond Productions,2004) €22
Krieg / Bael-The Church / Bleeding for Him LP (Pic) ltd.500 (Akedia Rekordz,2006) €25
Maniac Butcher-Krvestreb LP ltd.266/300 (Mutilation Records,1997) €17
Maniac Butcher-Invaze LP ltd.100 (Sombre Records,1999) €30
Maniac Butcher-Cerná Krev LP ltd.100 (Sombre Records,2001) €30
Maniac Butcher-Lucan - antikrist LP ltd.350 (Sombre Records,2001) €35
Maniac Butcher / Inferno-Metal From Hell / Chrám Nenávisti LP ltd.350 (Sombre Records,1999) €30
Massacra-Final Holocaust LP (Shark Records,1990) €22
Merrimack-Hellgium Raped EP ltd.200 (Hearse Records,2003) €25
Merrimack-Ashes of Purification LP+poster ltd.350 (Goatowarex,2005) €30
Motörhead-Bastards LP (Pic) ltd.445/1000 (Golden Core,2007) €15
Mütiilation-Destroy your Life for Satan LP (red) ltd.666 (Dark Adversary Productions,2008) €45
Nachtmystium-Reign Of The Malicious LP ltd.350 (Sombre Records,2002) €35
Nargaroth-Black Metal ist Krieg DLP, GF ltd.500 (No Colours Records,2001) €18
Necroccultus-Supreme Occult One...The Underworld Abhorrence EP (Blood Harvest Records,2006) €5
Necroccultus / Shub Niggurath-Inverted Dimensions SPLIT LP, GF ltd.75/500 (Iron Bonehead,2009) €10
Necrophagia / Sigh-Kindred of a Dying Kind / Young Burial EP (Pic) ltd.1000 (Red Stream,2003) €8
Ofermod-Mystérion Tés Anomias LP+poster (Norma Evangelium Diaboli,2005) €40
Pentacle-Under the Black Cross LP (Pic) ltd.500 (Iron Pegasus,2008) €18
Pentacle / Repugnant-Dunkel Besatthet SPLIT EP (black) (To The Death Records,2002) €50
Profanatica-The Enemy Of Virtue DLP (splatter vinyl), GF+poster (Hells Headbangers,2006) €22
Revenge-Attack Blood Revenge EP10 (Agonia Records,2001) €15
Seeds of Hate-Persecution of Christian Filth LP ltd.350 (Sombre Records,2002) €20
Shadows Toward My Sky-Forever Lost My Dying Love EP (Sombre Records,1997) €10
Suicidal Winds-Winds of death LP ltd.300 (No Colours Records,1999) €15
Suicidal Winds-Victims in blood LP (No Colours Records,2001) €15
Svartsyn-Destruction of Man LP, GF (Blut & Eisen,2003) €20
Sword-Metalized LP (Aquarius Rec.,1986) €15
Trench Hell-Southern Cross Ripper LP+poster (Hell's Headbangers,2008) €17
Trench Hell / Assaulter -Split EP, GF ltd.708/1000 (Iron Bonehead,2009) €5
VA - Hellbangers' Metal Forces-Desaster, Metalucifer, etc LP (blue splatter vinyl), GF ltd.300 (Iron Pegasus,2008) €20
Vandale-Wij Willen Willem EP (Warner Bros.,1983) €5

Behemoth-Thelema.6 CD (digi, ltd. 1000) (Avantgarde Music) €9
Besatt-Hail Lucifer CD (Hell Attacks Productions) €6
Cradle of Filth-Dusk… and Her Embrace CD (Music for Nations) €6
Crest of Darkness-The Ogress CD (Listenable Records) €5
Diabolicum-The Dark Blood Rising CD (digi) (Code666) €5
Dissection-Where Dead Angels Lie CD (Nuclear Blast) €6
Dominion Caligula-A New Era Rises CD (No Fashion Records) €6
Enthroned-The Apocalypse Manifesto CD (Blackend) €5
Front Beast-Black Spells of the Damned CD (Isengard Productions) €5
Galgeras, Göll, Vazal-Rage, Hate and Chaos CD (ltd. 333) (Sadolust Records) €15
Horna-Hiidentorni / Kothi../ Perimä../ Ordo.. 2CD (Woodcut Records) €9
Impaled Nazarene-Absence of War… CD (Osmose Productions) €6
Malign-Fireborn / Divine Facing CD (digi) (Norma Evangelium Diaboli) €6
N.I.L. (Krieg)-N.I.L. CD (Battle Kommand Records) €5
Naglfar-Ex Inferis CD (New Hawen Records) €5
Occult-Of Flesh and Blood CD (Massacre Records) €6
Pagan Rites-Rites of the Pagan Warriors CD (Iron Pegasus) €5
Rebaelliun-Burn the promised land CD (Hammerheart Records) €6
Samael-Ceremony of the Opposites CD (Century Family Inc.) €7
Seth-The Excellence CD (digi) (Osmose Productions) €5
Slayer-South of Heaven CD (American Recordings) €6
Slayer-Diabolus In Musica CD (American Recordings) €6
Venom-Cast in Stone CD (Steam Hammer) €6
Zyklon-World OV Worms CD (Candlelight Records) €6

The last demo's/tapes from my collection, note:
* glossy cover (Old Funeral thick paper)
@ printed tape (text printed on tape)

Angelkunt (Krieg) - Satanic Inferno €4
Azaxul (Moonblood) - The Arrival of the Demonlord €4
Cantus Bestiae (Svest) - The Cult of Sterility (white cover) €4
Clandestine Blaze *- Below the Cold Surface of the Earth €10
Clandestine Blaze *- On the Mission €10
Dodfodd *- Demo I & II €10
Dodfodd - Besjarjelse... (Demo III) €6
Haatstrijd - Nachtgruwel #31/50 €6
Imperial (pre-Krieg) - Endless Path €11
Inkisitor - Inkisitor €4
Inkisitor - Promo 2005 CDr €4
Judas Iscariot *@- From Hateful Visions €15
Judas Iscariot/Weltmacht split tape €8
Katalysator - Mass Genocide Ritual €7
Moonblood *@- Blut & Krieg #514/666 €35
Moonblood *@- Dusk Woerot #134/666 €30
Moonblood/Evil *- Fuck Peace! We Are At War… €10
Old Funeral (pre-Immortal!)* - Abduction of Limbs €30
Perditor - Perdition €5
Perditor *- Desecration of Recession Day Twothousandthree €5
Suicidal Winds - Aggression €4
SVEST - Scarification of Soul €11
Weltmacht (Judas Iscariot, Krieg) - Ancient Hatred €4

Antaeus (Large, worn) official Noevdia €8
Aura Noir (Large, worn) official Neseblod €15
Clandestine Blaze (Large, worn), official Northern Heritage €15
Deathspell Omega - Si Monumentum... (large, worn), original (ca 2004) €15
Hail of Bullets (Large, worn) band official €8
Necrovation (Large, mint) band official €25
Slayer Magazine (Medium, didn't wear often): front of Slayer mag.#20 ; official NWN! €25

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