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Mallcore Kid

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PostPosted: Fri May 03, 2013 6:25 am 

I prefer reactions by mail: intothegrave666@gmail.com

CD’s (all original) €7:
Aathma – The Call of Shiva
Abandon – In reality we suffer
Abstain – Discography
Abussus – Lichter, Gedanken und Lieder Schicken Wir Weit… (digpack)
AC/DC – The Razors Edge
Adrift – Monolito
Adrift – Troya
Aeon – Bleeding the False
Aeon – Path of Fire
Aeon – Rise To Dominate
Agathocles – Alive & Mincing
Agathocles – Live In Gierle, Belgium 1989
Agathocles – Live In Stavenhagen 1998
Agathocles – Mince Core (digipack)
Agathocles – Mincemania in Bulgaria
Agathocles – To Serve… …To Protect
Agathocles – Until It Bleeds Again (digipack)
Agathocles/Axed Up Conformist – Split CD
Agathocles/Dios Hastio – Split CD
Agathocles/World Downfall – Split CD
Agatholces/Cü Soju – Split CD (digipack)
Agressor – Deathreat (digipack 2CD, inc. DVD)
Alchemist – Austral Alien
Alchemist – Embryonics 90-98 (2CD)
Alchemist – Organasm
Alchemist – Tripsis
Amen – Amen
Anal Penetration /Anal Whore – Split CD
Ankla – Sleep Trails (digipack)
Atari Teenage Riot – 60 Second Wipe Out
Atari Teenage Riot – The Future Of War
Atrox – Contentum
Atrox – Orgasm (digipack)
Autumnal – Grey Universe
Avichi – The Divine Tragedy
Backyard Babies – Stockholm Syndrome (digipack)
Backyard Babies – Tinnitus, Live in Paris (2CD, slipcase)
Before the Dawn – My darkness (digipack)
Berserker – Blood of the Warriors
Bethlehem – Schatten Auf Der Alexander Welt (digipack 2CD)
Bibleblack – The Black Swan Epilogue (2CD)
Birdflesh – Live @ Giants of Grind
Black Funeral – Belial Arisen
Blindside – About a Burning Fire
Blindside – Silence
Blood Duster – Str8 Outta Northcote
Bloodbath – The Wacken Carnage (digipack/book, inc. DVD)
Bloodspill – Demonic Plague
Bloodwritten – Iniquity Intensity Insanity
Bolt Thrower – Realm of Chaos
Bosque – Passage
Brainshake – Gently Destructive
Brainshake – Silicon King
Buckcherry – Timebomb
Bugs B Gone – Act of Rage
Bunkur – Bludgeon
Bunkur – Nullify
Butcher ABC – Butchered At Birth Day
Caïna – Caïna (digipack)
Calvarium – Assaulting the Divine
Calvarium –The Skull of Golgotha (digipack)
Cannibal Corpse – Hammer Smashed Face (still sealed)
Cannibal Corpse – The Wretched Spawn
Carcass – Heartwork (2CD digipack)
Catheter – Dimension 303
Catheter – Do You Love Grind?
Celebratum – Mirrored Revelation
Cerebral Turbulency – Cerebral Turbulency (digipack)
Cerebral Turbulency – Germ of Error
Cerebral Turbulency – Kres Test
Children of Doom – Ride over the Green Valley
Chimaira - Chimaira
Citizen – Manifesto For The New Patriot
Clotted Symmetric Sexual Organ (CSSO) – Collection
Coalesce – 0:12 Revolution in just listening
Cock And Ball Torture – A Cacophonous Collection (2CD in DVD-case)
Collision – Roadkiller
Collision – Romantic Display of Love
CP24 – World Between the Lines (2CD)
Cradle of Filth – Maximum Filth (slipcase, inc. poster)
Crowpath – Red On Chrome
Crowpath – Son of Sulpher
Damnation Army – The Art of the Occult
Dan Swanö – Moontower EP
Dantesco – De La Mano de la Muerte
Dark Sanctuary – De Lumiere et d’Obscurité (digipack)
Dawnbringer – In Sickness and in Dreams
Daylight Dies – A Portrait in White
De Infernali (Dissection) – Symphonia de Infernali
Dead Head – Depression Tank
Deadmask – Under Luciferian Wings (digipack)
Death – Demonic Plague, Tribute to Death
Death Before Dishonor – Better Ways To Die (still sealed)
Death Mask – Exhumation
Decrepit Birth – Diminishing Between Worlds
Defeated Sanity – Chapters of Repugnance
Deleterious – Highly Recommended
Demiurg – Breath of the Demiurg
Demiurg – The Hate Chamber
Demoncy – Joined in Darkness
Demonical – Hellstorm
Demonical – Servants of the Unlight
Demonoid – Riders of the Apocalypse (slipcase)
Den Saakaldte (Shining) - Øl, mørke og depresjon (digipack)
Deranged – High on Blood
Diabolicum – The Dark Blood Rising (digipack)
Dimension 3FH – Reaping The World Winds
Dimmu Borgir – Darkness Enthrone Triumphant
Disfigured Dead – Visions of Death
Disgorge – Live Germany
Dismal Euphony – Python Zero
Draconian – Turning Season Within
Drastus – Serpents Chalice-Materia Prima (digipack)
Drautran – Throne of the Depths (digipack)
Dreadlock Pussy – Middles
Dusk – Dead Heart Dreaming (digipack #81, official cdr)
Dying Fetus – Stop At Nothing
Dying Fetus – War Of Attrition
Eibon – Eibon (digipack)
Eibon – Entering Darkness (digipack)
Eibon – Entering Darkness (digipack)
Eight Hands For Kali – Himalayan Necromantia
Elite – We Own the Mountains
Embraced – Within (digipack)
Empyrium – Weiland (slipcase)
Endstille – Endstilles Reich (slipcase)
Endstille – Enstilles Reich (slipcase)
Enthroned – Armoured Bestial Hell
Enthroned – Carnage In Worlds Beyond (slipcase)
Enthroned – Xes Haereticum (digipack)
Exciter – New Testament
Exciter – The Dark Command
Exit Wounds – 17 Wounds of Exit
Exploding Zombies – Several Severed Heads
Face to Face – Back to the Front
Faeces Eruption/Anal Penetration – Split CD
Faith – Blessed?
Faith – Sorg
Fall of the Idols – Ascension 2000-2007
Fatum Elisum – Fatum Elisum
Fetus Eaters/Diorrhea – Split CD DaVinciCore
First Fight Down – Shades of Distress
Forest of Impaled – Forward the Spears
Forest of Impaled – Rise And Conquer
Frailty – Lost Lifeless Lights
FUBAR/Splitter – Split CD
Geasa – Angel’s Cry (digipack)
Geasa – Fate’s Lost Son
Geïst – Kainsmal (digipack)
Genocide – Apocalyptic Visions
Ghast – May the Curse Blind
Girls Under Glass – Firewalker (digipack)
Girls Under Glass – Minddiver (digipack)
Goatwhore – A Haunting Curse
Goatwhore – Carving Out the Eyes of God
Goregasm – Bleeding Profusely
Gorerotted – Mutilated In Minutes
Gorgasm – Masticate to Dominate
Gorgasm – Masticate to Dominate
Gortuary – Manic Thoughts of Perverse Mutilation
Groan – The Sleepign Wizard (Doomanoid Records)
Gruesome Stuff Relish – Giallo Grind
Gruesome Stuff Relish – Last Men In Darkness
Gruesome Stuff Relish/Engorged – Split CD
Gruesome Stuff Relish/Gorerotted/Gronibard – Split CD
Gruesome Stuff Relish/Splatterhouse – Split CD
Gwenbleidd – Amaranthine
Halford – Crucible (slipcase)
Hammerfall – Crimson Thunder (DVD!)
Headcontrolsystem – Murder Nature
Hegemon – By This, I Conquer
Helevorn – Fragments
Hellveto/Phorcys/Forestdome – Split CD
Lair of the Minotaur – The Ultimate Destroyer
Hellwell (Manilla Road) – Beyond The Boundaries of Sin
Helrunar – Baldr Ok Iss
Hesperia – Compendio I, Volume I, Parte I
Hexentanz (The Soil Bleed Black/Psychonaut) – Nekrocrafte (digipack)
Humanusaur – Easy Listening (official cdr)
Humanusaur – Monster Saviour Song (official cdr)
Hypnotic Scenery – Vacuum
Imperium Dekadenz – Procella Vadens (digipack)
Impious – Hellucinate
Incarnated – Pleasure of Consumption
Indian Red – You Can’t Do That’s Why We Do It
Ingrowing – Cloned & Enforced
Ingrowing – Sunrape
Insision – Revealed And Worshipped
Insomnium – In the Halls of Awaiting
Instill – Stalking Death
Jotenheim – Jotenheim (digipack)
Judas Priest – British Steel
Judas Priest – Jugulator
Judas Priest – Nostradamus (2CD)
Jungle Rot – Fueled By Hate
Jungle Rot – Slaugher the Weak
Karaklysm – Shadows & Dust
Karl Sanders (Nile) – Saurian Meditation
Karnarium – Karnarium
Keep of Kalessin – Kolossus (digipack 2CD)
Khold – Morke Gravers Kammer
Killer – Immortal
King Diamond – Church of the Devil, Tribute to King Diamond
Kosa - Злопоглощение
Kreator – Scenarios of Violence
Krisiun – Works of Carnage
Kult ov Azazel - Triumph of Fire
Lair of the Minotaur – Cannibal Massacre
Lair of the Minotaur – Carnage
Lair of the Minotaur – War Metal Battle Master
Lay Down Rotten – Gospel of the Wretched
Lay Down Rotten – Reconquering the Pit
Leather Nun – All Your Kin
Leng Tch’e – The Process of Elimination
Leng Tch’e/Warscars – Split CD (digipack)
Liar – Liar’s Hell
Libido Airbag – Miss Melanoma
Lilitu – The Delores Lesion
Lisa Gerrard – The Mirror Pool (vocalist for Dead Can Dance)
Living Sacrifice – Conceived In Fire
Livsnekad – Den Sociala Vanforheten
Lolita Stasi – Ruhr
Lord Gore – Resickened
Lost Soul – Scream of the Mourning Star
Lost Soul – Übermensch (Death of God)
Lüger – Kill, Worship, Die
Lymphatic Phlegm/Autophagia/Feculent Goretomb/Ulcerrhoea
Mael Mordha – Cluain Tarbh
Malfeitor – Incubus (digipack)
Malfeitor – Uno Mystica Maxima
Malhkebre – Prostration (slipcase, small cut in booklet)
Malicious Dream – Innersensis
Malignant Tumour – Burninhell (digipack)
Mangled – Ancient Times
Mangled – Witness Disposal Program
Manitou – Entrance
Martyr – Extracting the Core, Live 2001
Martyr – Feeding the Abscess
Matermachina – Into Serenity
Megadeth – Megaded, Tribute to Megadeth
Memory Driven – Relative Obscurity
Merca – Chup Amela
Mercenary – 11 Dreams
Mercenary – Everblack (digipack)
Merrimack – Grey Rigorism
Mesrine – Jack Is Dead (1999-2004)
Ministry – Filthpig
Misery Index/Mumakill – Split CD
Mistress – II: The Chronovisor
Mistress – Mistress
Moonspell – 2nd Skin (2CD digipack)
Mötley Crüe – Classic
Mournful Congregation – The Dawning of Mournful Hymns (2CD)
Mourning Lenore – Loosely Bounded Infinities
Mourning Lenore – Loosely Bounded Infinities
Mourning Lenore – Loosely Bounded Infinities
Mr. Death – Detached from Life (digibook)
Mucubelchingbeats – The Allstar Project of Mucupurulent & Belching Beet
My Dying Bride – Turn Loose the Swans (digipack)
My Shameful – The Return to Nothing (digipack)
Mystic Circle – Morgenröte
Necrodeath – 100% Hell
Necrophagia – Harvest Ritual (digipack/digibook)
Neuraxis – Truth Beyond… (2CD)
Neuropathia – Graveyard Cowboys
Nightbringer – Apocalypse Sun
Nightbringer – Death And the Black Work
Nightwish – Oceanborn
Nocturnal Rites – Grand Illusion 2CD
Nocturnal Rites – Lost in Time 2CD
Nocturnal Rites – Lost in Time, The Early Years of Nocturnal Rites
Nominon – Monumentomb
Non Serviam – Necrotical
Novembers Doom – Aphotic
Novembers Doom – Into Night’s Requiem Infernal
Novembers Doom – The Knowing
Nox – Ixaxaar
Nox – Zazaz
Nox Aurea – Via Gnosis
Nuclear Assault – Third World Genocide
Nueve Etica - Inquebrantable
Obituary – Frozen Alive (CD + DVD, digipack)
Obituary – World Demise
Obituary – Xecutioner’s Return (digibox inc poster)
Obscenity – Human Barbecue (digipack)
Obscure Torture – Spilling the Blood of the World
Occult – Elegy For The Weak
October File – How to lose Friends and Alienate People
Officium Triste – Ne Vivam (Serpents Lair)
Onfall – Through these days of Steel
Origin – Antithesis
Origin – Echoes Of Decimation
Outremer – Turn into Grey (digipack)
Pagan Altar – Mythical & Magical
Paganizer – Dead Unburied
Paganizer – Murder Death Kill
Panzerchrist – Roomservice (Mighty Music)
Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis – Satyriasis And Nymphomania
Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis/Butcher ABC – Split CD
Paradise Lost – Icon
Paradise Lost – Lost Paradise
Paradise Lost – One Second
Paradise Lost – Paradise Lost (digipack)
Paradise Lost – Shades of God
Paradisr Lost – In Requiem
Paul Chain –The Improvisor Container 3000: Cosmic Wind
Permafrost – Pervers & Geisteskrank
Phobia – Get Up And Kill
Phobia – Grind Your Fucking Head In
Poema Arcanus – Iconoclast (digipack)
Poema Arcanus – Telluric Manifesto
Poema Arcanus – Telluric Manifesto (digipack)
Poema Arcanus – Timeline Symmetry
Poema Arcanus – Timeline Symmetry
Probot – Probot
Profundi – The Omega Rising (digipack)
Prostitute Disfigurement – Descendants of Depravity (slipcase)
Prostitute Disfigurement – Left in Grisly Fashion (slipcase)
Putrescence – Dawn of the Necrofecalizer
Putrescence – Mangled, Hollowed Out And Vomit Filled
Rape Pillage And Burn – Songs of Death Songs Of Hell
Regurgitation - Backwash
Returner – Dealing With This Death
Reviver – Reviver (inc plectrum)
Revolting – Dreadful Pleasures
Revolting – The Terror Threshold
Riverside – Anno Domini High Definition
Riverside – Rapid Eye Movement (2CD digipack)
Rotten Sound – Exit
Rotten Sound – Murderworks
Rua – 00:41:00 (digipack)
Rzeznia – Mathematic Grind
Sadism – A Dwelling of Gods
Sahg – II
Sanctification – Black Reign
Sanctification – Misnathropic Salvation
Sanitys Dawn – The EP Years + Audio Terror
Saturnalia Temple – Ur (digipack
Saturnalia Temple – Ur (digipack
Scorced – Forever Dying Sun
Sepultura – Sepultural Feast: Tribute to Sepultura
Serpent – Autumn Ride
Seventh One – Sacrifice
Seventh One – What Should Not Be (digipack)
Shrinebuilder – Shrinebuilder (slipcase)
Silent Vanquish – Dysthynia
Silicon Head – Bash
Sjodogg – Landscapes of Disease and Decadence
Sjodogg – Ode to Obscurantism (digipack)
Skaldic Curse – Machine
Skidrow – Subhuman Race (digipack)
Skumring – De Glemte Tider
SKW – Alter Ego
Slayer – Hell Awaits
Soilwork – A Predator’s Portrait
Solitude Aeturnus – Hour of Despair (CD + DVD, digipack)
Sons of Jonathas – The Death Dealer (digipack)
Soulfly – Back to the Primitive (single)
Spirit Descent – Doominion
Splitter – En Sorglig Historia
Squash Bowels – No Mercy
Squash Bowerls – Lovesongs
Suffering Down – Massive Genocide, Collective Suicide
Suffering Down – Misanthropic And Nihilist Dharma (digipack)
Suicide – One of Your Neighbours
Suppression – 9296
Terrorizer – Darker Days Ahead
The Bottle Doom Lazy Band – Blood For The Bloodking (digipack)
The Deadists – Time Without Lught
The Fifth Sun – The Hunger To Survive
The Fifth Sun – The Moment of Truth (digipack)
The Foreshadowing - Days of Nothing (slipcase)
The Grotesquery – Tales of the Coffin Born
The Now Noise! – Raging Mad Insanity
The Tea Party – The Interzone Mantras (2CD)
The Tea Party – Triptych (2CD)
The Victims Shudder – Sonic Torture Methods (official cdr)
The Wounded Kings – Embrace Of the Narrow House
The Wounded Kings – The Shadow Over Atlantis
Therion – Secrets of the Ruins
Third Degree – Outstay
Thornspawn – Empress from the Realms of Blasphemy
Todtgelichter – Was Bleibt…
Triptykon – Eparistera Daimones (digipack)
Tumour/Anal Penetration – Split CD
Paradise Lost – Believe in Nothing
Twister of Truth – World of Emptiness
Tyrant’s Blood – Prophecy
Tyrants Blood – Crushing Onward Into Oblivion
Ultra Vomit – M. Patate (Obliteration Records)
Unleashed – Sworn Allegiance
Vacant Coffin – Sewer Skullpture
Valkyria – Contamination
Various – 5 Years of Blood, Sweat And Tearns (I Scream Records)
Various – Death is just the Beginning V (2CD digipack)
Various – Screams from the Eastern Lands (Besatt, Inferno, Dub Buk, Negura Bunget)
Various – The Grimoire Of Exalted Deeds #4
Vinterriket – Der Letzte Winter –Der Ewigkeit Entgegen
Vinterriket – Kaelte, Schnee Und Eis –Rekapitulation der Winterszeit
Vinterriket – Landschaftenmalerische Klangwelten –Synthetischer Tonkunst 1996-2002
Vinterriket – Von Eiskristallen… (inc. Original sticker)
Voodooshock – Voodoom EP
Vorkreist – Sabbathical Flesh Possession
Vorkreist – Sublimation xxxixa
Vultyr – Monument of Misanthropy
Walls of Jericho – The American Dream
Whitehorse – Whitehorse (digipack)
Who Dies In Siberian Slush – Bitterness of the years that are lost
Why Angels Fall – The Unveiling
Wojczech – Sedimente
Wolf Spider – Drifting in the Sullen Sea
Wolf Spider – Kingdom of Paranoia
World Below – Maelstrom
World Below – Repulsion
Wreck of the Hesperus – The Sunken Thresholds
XXX Maniak – Harvesting the Cunt Nectar (1st edition, Red Candle Records)
XXX Maniak – Harvesting the Cunt Nectar (slipcase, 2nd edition)
XXX Maniak/Lymphetic Phlegm – Split CD (digipack)
YOB – The Unreal Never Lived
ZZ Top – Afterburner

DVD’s/VHS €7:
Amon Amarth – Wrath of the Norsemen (3DVD, in digipackaging, inc obi)
Cradle of Filth – RaredeamonAeon (VHS, in digipackaging)
Cradle of Filth – RaredeamonAeon (VHS, in digipackaging)
Death is just the Beginning VHS (in slipcase)
Immortal – Masters of Nebulah Frost VHS
Kreator – Live in East Berlin VHS
My Dying Bride – For Darkest Eyes DVD
My Dying Bride – Sinamorata DVD
Napalm Death – Live Corruption VHS
Obituary – Frozen Alive (CD + DVD, digipack)
Paradise Lost – The Story of Paradise Lost (DVD, digipack, inc obi)
Sepultura – Live Under Siege VHS
Slayer – Live Intrustion VHS
Solitude Aeturnus – Hour of Despair (CD + DVD, digipack)
Tankard – Open All Night VHS
Venom – 7th Gate of Hell VHS

Promo’s/demo’s, compleet met boekje/inlay €2
37Stabwoundz – A Heart Gone Black
Aaskereia – Zwischen den Welten,,,
Another Messiah – Another Renaissance
Antigama/Third Degree/Herman Rarebell – Split CD
April Ethereal – Advent
Arcaheus – Unveiled, The Lust for Torments
Archaeus – The Annihil Chapter: A Source of Fire
Armaggedon – Ave Satan
Armaggedon – Possessed By Satan
Axel Rudi Pell – The Ballads III
Betzefer – New Hate
Black Funeral – Az-i-Dahak
Blockheads/Mumakil – Split CD
Bluntwoundtrauma (DRI) – Bluntwoundtrauma
Bluntwoundtrauma (DRI) – The Blacklash of the Damned (inc. stickers)
Brutality Reigns Supreme – The First Attack
Buzzov*en – Welcome to Violence
Caedes – Blood War Perversion (digipack)
Camulos – Der Untermensch
Camulos – Spiel des Blutes
Catheter/FUBAR – Split CD
Chron – Chtonian Lifecode
Cock And Ball Torture – Sadochismo
Colour Haze – All
Creature – Der Ursprong
Crematory – Revolution
Crystal Moors – At the Moon Realm’s Gate
Dreamtone – Unforeseen Reflections
Execratum – Aditus
Flatbush – Smash the Octopus
Fozzy – All that Remains
Freya (Earth Crisis) – As the last light Drains
Frostmoon Eclipse – Dead And Forever Gone
Frozen Fire – Road of no End
Gaë Bolg and the Church of Fand – Tintagel (digipack)
Galadriel – World Under World
Galardriel – From Ashes & Dust
Goddess of Desire – Awaken Pagan Gods
Gore Beyond Necropsy/Nunwhore Commando – Split CD
Grandma – Obscure Grandma’s Necrocadaveric Vomit
Grip inc. Incorporated
Haklust – De 1e keer doet ’t altijd zeer… maat ’t smaakt wel naar meer
Heimdalls Wacht – Der Untergang Der Alten Welt
Hiems – Cold Void Journey
Honcho – Corporate Rock
Iron Hearse – Iron Hearse
Kathaarian – Cryptic Temples of Ancient Cult
Krater – Das Relikt Des Triumphes (digipack)
Kreator – Live Kreation (3CD, 2x live CD + 1x DVD)
Kringspiertyfus – 25”Kitchenknife
Le Triste Sire – Le Triste Sire (digipack)
Legion of Sadism – Auf Gedeih Und Verderb
Leiden – Empty
Leviathan/Blackdeath – Split CD
Liar & Sunrise – Split CD
Magog – Artglauben (digipack)
My Shameful - …of Dust
Necrocest – Dead Pretty
Neverlight Horizon – Perfection in Murder’s Art
Nordafrost – Dominus Frigoris
On Thorns I Lay – Egocentric
Pigsty – The Return
Radio Bikini – Bloedpoep
Raging Speedhorn – How the great have fallen
Raging Speedhorn – We Will be Dead Tomorrow
Ravensblood – From the Tumulus Depths
Scars of Tomorrow – The Failure in Drowning
Seven Pines – Nympholept
Shitstorm – Bloody Diarrhoea
Sostrah Tinnitus – L’odore Del Ramo Spezzato
Sparzanza – Angels of Vengeance
Swan Christy – Julian
Thanatos – Undead.Unholy.Divine
The Call – The Call…
TMK (the Maldoror Kollective) – 23 Miles Back On the Clockwork Highway
Tourette Syndrom – Gabbergrind
Undinism – Born with an Erection
Uppercut (NL Hardcore) – Punches and Strategies
Vaginal Necrosis – Necrotic Cunt Fuck (evt. Inc shirt)
Venereal Disease – Mondo Macabro
WAIL – Wisdom Through Agony Into Illumination And Lunacy
Wolfshead – Facts of Faults
World Below – Maelstrom
Wraith of the Ropes – Ada
Wretched – Black Ambience

Mallcore Kid

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 11, 2013 4:00 pm 

It's a scam.
After your payment he disappear:
This is his bank account:
Account number: 434316016
IBAN: NL92ABNA0434316016

Name: Ten Oever
City: Zierikzee
Country: Nederland/The Netherlands
Email: intothegrave666@gmail.com


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PostPosted: Tue Jun 11, 2013 4:19 pm 

Mate why didnt you pay via paypal!!?

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