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Metal newbie

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 26, 2011 2:04 pm 

I've been cleaning out my CD collection (all obtained from 1987-2007) on Ebay, but I still have loads more that need to eventually go up. But as that process is fairly slow, last night I started to make a list of some discs that I will be selling, to give some eager collectors here a chance to make an offer before they even go up for sale.

Note that all of these CDs are original, no bootlegs, and none of these are promo copies / cutouts / punch-holed unless indicated. The list was done in Excel so the tabs have gone missing here but you'll get the point. Just so you know before you contact me:

1. I'm not interested in trading, sorry. The missus lost her job last year and so it's time to clean out that attic and help pay the household expenses and mortgage.
2. Because of #1, I'm trying to get top dollar here, but most of these discs are in very good, excellent, or often near-Mint condition as I treat my discs carefully. To get an idea of what I sell and the condition, you can check my Ebay shop under the seller name bloody_rare_records
So as a result, serious offers only. If you want to write and offer me $10 for an Arckanum original CD on Necropolis, don't expect a reply. I live in Europe but feel free to make offers in Dollars. If I can't get what I feel they're worth, I'll just put them on the open market, no hard feelings.
3. Shipping would be added to the cost. The Netherlands has horrible (expensive) shipping rates, but for normal Airmail it's not too bad, it's just if you want one CD by registered post it actually costs about $22. But on the other hand, for $22 you can also get about 8 CDs by registered post, it's the same price up to 2 kilograms (about 4 pounds).
4. Most of these are from 1999 or before. It's artist, title, label on the list below. And yes, for serious inquiries I can provide Matrix / IFPI numbers or catalog numbers of course, this is just a preliminary overview. Lots more are to come when I find the time. Happy reading.

…And Oceans The Symmetry Of I, The Circle Of O (double-CD Digipak, sealed) Season Of Mist
A Canorous Quintet As Tears Chaos/No Fashion
Abazagorath Tenebrarum Cadent Exsurgemus Elegy
Abruptum Vi Sonus Veris Nigrae (Digipak) Full Moon Prod.
Acheron Lex Talionis Lethal Records
Adremelech Psychostasia Repulse
Aeternus Dark Sorcery (Digipak) Hammerheart
Agalloch Pale Folklore The End
Agathocles Razor Sharp Daggers Cyber Music
Agathocles Black Clouds Determinate Cyber Music
Agony Lords The Sun Of The Cursed OZ Records
Algaion Oimai Algaion Full Moon Prod.
Altar Ego Art (sealed) Displeased
Altar Youth Against Christ (sealed) Displeased
Ancient Rites The First Decade 1989-1999 Mascot
Anvil Forged In Fire (#1980/3000) Axe Killer
Apollyon Diaboli Gratia Full Moon Prod.
Arckanum Kostogher Necropolis
Arckanum Fran Marder Necropolis
Artillery Terror Squad (#0195/3000) Axe Killer
Artillery Fear Of Tomorrow (#1934/3000) Axe Killer
As Divine Grace Lumo Avantgarde
Ashes Death Has Made Its Call Necropolis
Assassin The Upcoming Terror (#0565/3000) Axe Killer
At The Gates Gardens Of Grief (orig. slimline case) Black Sun
Atrocity Willenskraft Massacre
Averon Serenity Unisound
Avulsed Carnivoracity Repulse
Avulsed Eminence In Putrescence Repulse
Avulsed Stabwound Orgasm (in embossed slipcase) Repulse
Azaghal Helvetin Yhdeksan Piiria (The Nine Circles Of Hell) Evil Horde
Babylon Whores King Fear (Digipak, sealed) Necropolis
Banished Deliver Me Unto Pain Deaf/Peaceville
Bay Laurel Lost In Black Love CD-Single (Slimline) Noxious/House Of Kicks
Bay Laurel Days Of Joy Noxious/House Of Kicks
Bay Laurel Under A Clouded Sky Noxious/House Of Kicks
Black Pentecost Funeral Winds In Paradise Gothic Records
Blood Storm The Atlantean Wardragon Cacophonous
Bodies Lay Broken Eximinous Execration Of Exiguous Exequies Deathvomit/Necropolis
Borknagar Borknagar Malicious
B-Thong Skinned Mascot
Buried Dreams Beyond Your Mind OZ Records
Buried Dreams Perceptions (Slipcase, #0750/2000, sealed) OZ Records
Cannibal Corpse Gallery Of Suicide (Digipak, cathedral cover, sealed) Metal Blade
Carbonized Screaming Machines Foundation 2000
Carcass Necroticism (orig.) Earache
Carpathian Forest Bloodlust And Perversion NYX/Avantgarde
Catamenia Shaped MCD Massacre
Catherines Cathedral Equilibrium Noxious/House Of Kicks
Catherines Cathedral Intoxication Noxious/House Of Kicks
Catherines Cathedral Flower Dust Noxious/House Of Kicks
Celestial Season Solar Lovers Displeased
Celestial Season Sonic Orb Displeased
Celtic Frost Wine In My Hand (Picture CD-Single, slimline) Noise
Celtic Frost Parched With Thirst Am I And Dying (orig.) Noise
Cenotaph Epic Rites OZ Records
Cenotaph The Gloomy Reflection Of Our Hidden Sorrows OZ Records
Centinex Reflections Diehard/Progress Red
Charon Sorrowburn Diehard/Progress Red
Choronzon Magog Agog (no barcode) Nocturnal Art Prod.
Christ Agony Darkside Hammerheart
Conflict The Final Conflict Mortarhate
Consolation Beautyfilth Displeased
Conviction Decline/Rebirth ABS Records
Corruption Ecstasy DSFA
Cradle Of Filth Vempire Cacophonous
Crematory Act Seven (Digibook, sealed) Nuclear Blast
Cripple Bastards Desperately Insensitive Deathvomit/Necropolis
Crystal Eyes World Of Black And Silver ABS Records
Daemon The Second Coming Diehard/Progress Red
Damaged Do Not Spit New World Records
Damaged Passive Backseat Demon Engines New World Records
Dark Funeral Vobiscum Satanas (Digipak) No Fashion
Dark Heresy Abstract Principles Taken To Their Logical Extremes (sealed) Unisound
Darkthrone Total Death (no barcode) Moonfog
Darkthrone Goatlord (Digipak, no barcode) Moonfog
Darkthrone Panzerfaust Moonfog
Death SS Do What Thou Wilt B.O./Last Episode
Death SS Panic (Slipcase, Italy) Lucifer Rising
Deathwitch The Ultimate Death Necropolis
Deathwitch Dawn Of Armageddon Desecration/Necropolis
Defecation Purity Dilution (Digipak 1998) Nuclear Blast
Deinonychus The Weeping Of A Thousand Years Cacophonous
Deinonychus The Silence Of December Cacophonous
Demilich Nespithe Repulse
Deranged Architects Of Perversion (Slimline) Repulse
Deranged Rated-X Repulse
Deranged Sculpture Of The Dead Repulse
Destructor Maximum Destruction Listenable
Diaboli Anthems Of Sorrow Full Moon Prod.
Diaboli Towards Damnation Full Moon Prod.
Diaboli Mesmerized By Darkness (Digipak) Unisound
Diabolique The Black Flower Black Sun
Diabolique Wedding The Grotesque Black Sun
Dictators I Am Right/Loyola/Kiss My Ass CD-Single (Slimline) White Jazz
Dies Irae Etherial OZ Records
Dimmu Borgir Godless Savage Garden (shaped CD) Nuclear Blast
Disgorge (Mex.) Chronic Corpora Infest American Line Prods.
Disinter Desecrated Pulverizer
Dog Faced Gods Random Chaos Theory In Action (Digipak) Gothenburg Noiseworks
Doom Snake Cult LSD JL America
Dusk Dusk Cyber Music
Eisregen Krebskolonie Last Episode
Eleven Pictures Initials Mascot
Eleven Pictures Flowerland Mascot
Elysian Fields Adelain Unisound
Enola Gay F.O.T.H. Shark Records
Enthral The Mirror's Opposite End Hot Records
Enthral Subterranean Movement Displeased
Epoch Of Unlight What Will Be Has Been The End
Equimanthorn "Nindinugga Nimshimshargal Enllillara (""Equomanthorn"" misprint)" Unisound
Equinox Retorn To Mystery (Digipak) Unisound
Equinox Ov The Gods Fruits And Flowers Of The Spectral Garden Unisound
Equinox Ov The Gods Images Of Forgotten Memories (Digipak) Unisound
Ethereal Om Santhi Unisound
Etherial Winds Find The Way…Together Massacre
Ever Dark Armageddon's Birth Full Moon Prod.
Evergrey Solitude Dominance Tragedy Gothenburg Noiseworks
Ewigkeit Battle Furies Eldethorn/Neat
Ewigkeit Starscape Eldethorn/Neat
Exciter Exciter Magnetic Air
Excruciation Anno Domini…An Anthology Of The Past JL America
Exhumation Seas Of Eternal Silence Diehard/Progress Red
Exodus Impact Is Imminent Capitol
Extol Burial Endtime Prod.
Fleshgrind Destined For Defilement Pulverizer
Frozen Sun Dimensions Serious Entertainment
Frozen Sun Headtrips DSFA
Gail Of God Fifth Angel DSFA
Gamma Ray Heaven Can Wait MCD Noise
Gathering (The) Always…(remix) w/original artwork Foundation 2000
Gathering (The) "Always…(remix) w/""microbes"" artwork" Foundation 2000
Gehenna Deadlights CD-Single (Slimline) Moonfog
Goat Sacred Pilgrim Diehard/Progress Red
Godkiller The Rebirth Of The Middle Ages Wounded Love
Gorefest Mindloss (orig.) Foundation 2000
Gorgoroth Under The Sign Of Hell Malicious
Gorgoroth Pentagram Malicious
Graveland The Celtic Winter No Colours
Green Carnation Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness (sealed) The End
Grope Desert Storm Diehard/Progress Red
Grotesque In The Embrace Of Evil Black Sun
Guardians Of Time Edge Of Tomorrow Shark Records
Hades (Nor) …Again Shall Be Full Moon Prod.
Hades (US) If At First You Don't Succeed '98 Exist To Resist
Halloween Victims Of The Night Molten Metal
H-Bomb Coup de Metal (#1845/5000) Axe Killer
Hearse Dominion Reptilian (Digipak) Hammerheart
Heavenshore Between Human And Divine Heavenshore/Repulse
Hefeystos Bilce Sjen (Digipak) Wounded Love
Helheim Blod & Ild (Digipak, + promo sales sheet) Ars Metalli
Hellacopters (Gotta Get Some Action) Now! CD-Siingle (Slimline) White Jazz
Hellacopters Soulseller b/w Ain't Nothin' To Do CD-Single (Slimline) White Jazz
Hellacopters/Gluecifer Respect The Rock (Split CD) White Jazz
Holy Mother Criminal Afterlife ABS Records
Illdisposed Four Depressive Seasons Diehard/Progress Red
Illdisposed Helvede Diehard/Progress Red
Illdisposed There's Something Rotten Serious Entertainment
Impious Terror Succeeds Black Sun
Incantation The Forsaken Mourning Of Angelic Anguish Repulse
Incantation Tribute To The Goat Elegy
Indungeon Machinegunnery Of Doom Full Moon Prod.
Infernal Majesty None Shall Defy Displeased
Infernal Torment Birthrate Zero Diehard/Progress Red
Inferno Downtown Hades Osmose
Infestation (UK) Mass Immolation Lunasound Recording
Iniquity Serenadium Diehard/Progress Red
Internal Bleeding Voracious Contempt Pavement
Intestine Baalism An Anatomy Of The Beast Repulse
Iron Fortress Iron Fortress Hellion Records
Ironlung Chasing Salvation Diehard/Progress Red
Jesus Christ Jesus Christ Mascot
Julie Laughs Nomore Where Only Darkness Remains Serious Entertainment
Jungle Rot Slaughter The Weak Pulverizer
Kampfar Mellom Skogkledde Aaser Malicious
Katatonia Saw You Drown Avantgarde
Killing Addiction Omega Factor (sealed) JL America
Konkhra Come Down Cold Diehard/Progress Red
Konkhra The Freakshow EP Diehard/Progress Red
Konkhra Live Eraser Diehard/Progress Red
Kvist For Kunsten Maa Vi Evig Vike Avantgarde
Laberinto Priority Mascot
Liar Of Golgotha Vendetta Cyber Music
Liar Of Golgotha Dwell Within The Mysterious Dark Mascot
Liers In Wait Spiritually Uncontrolled Art Black Sun
Limbonic Art Moon In The Scorpio (no barcode) Nocturnal Art Prod.
Liquid Tension Experiment Liquid Tension Experiment Magna Carta
Lobotomy Lobotomy Chaos/No Fashion
Love History Anasazi The End
Maceration A Serenade Of Agony Diehard/Progress Red
Mad Max Stormchild (#0441/2000) Axe Killer
Majestic Abstract Symphony (Digipak, sealed) Massacre
Maleficium This Illusion Of Humani Massacre
Malicious Onslaught Brutal Gore Unisound
Mantas Winds Of Change Neat Records
Marduk Glorification Osmose
Marshall Law Warning From History Neat Records
Martyr Warp Zone Warfare
Mekong Delta Classics Major Records
Mekong Delta Live At An Exhibition Metal Machine
Menhir Thurinigia Ars Metalli
Merciless Unbound No Fashion
Misteltein Rape In Rapture No Fashion
Mortuary Drape Into The Drape Decapitated Records
Murder Corporation Blood Revolution 2050 Qabalah Prod./Repulse
My Dying Bride I Am The Bloody Earth Peaceville
Mystic Circle The Great Beast (Digipak, + bonus trk., sealed) Massacre
N.A.O.S. Melandcholia Cacophonous
Namtaru The Plagues Of Namtar Gothic Records
Necromass Mysteria Mysticva Zofiriana Unisound
Necromonicon Apocalyptic Nightmare Maze America
Nembrionic Psycho One Hundred Displeased
Nergal The Wizard Of Nerath Unisound
Niden Div. 187 Towards Judgement Single (Slimline CD) Necropolis
Nightwish Sleeping Sun (CD-Single, slimline) Drakkar
Nocturnal Breed Aggressor (Digipak) Hammerheart
Nokturnal Mortum NeChrist The End
Nokturnal Mortum To The Gates Of Blasphemous Fire The End
Nokturnal Mortum Goat Horns The End
Non-Fiction It's A Wonderful Lie Exist To Resist
Non-Fiction Preface Exist To Resist
Occult The Enemy Within Foundation 2000
Octinomos On The Demiurge Full Moon Prod.
Odes Of Ecstasy Embossed Dream In Four Acts The End
Odin "By The Gods (bootleg - 2 albums+Caution 7"")" Mighty Odin Music
Odin Fight For Your Life Perris
Opera IX The Call Of The Wood Avantgarde
Opeth Still Life (orig.) Peaceville
Orphanage At The Mountains Of Madness DSFA
Orphanage By Time Alone DSFA
Orphanage Oblivion DSFA
Oxiplegatz Worlds And Worlds Fairytale
Pantera Alive And Hostile E.P. Warner Australia
Pantera Walk E.P. (6 trx.) Warner Australia
Panzerchrist Six Seconds Kill Serious Entertainment
Paul Chain Whited Sepulchres (Slipcase, Italy) Minotauro
Paul Chain Life And Death (Slipcase, Italy) Minotauro
Paul Chain King Of The Dream/Ash/Picture Disc (Slipcase, It.) Minotauro
Paul Chain Violet Art Of Improvisation (2CD, Slipcase, Italy) Minotauro
Paul Chain Violet Theatre Detaching From Satan (Slipcase, Italy) Minotauro
Paul Chain Violet Theatre Opera 4th (Slipcase, Italy) Minotauro
Paul Chain Violet Theatre In The Darkness (Slipcase, Italy) Minotauro
Paul DiAnno & Killers South American Assault - Live (sealed) Magnetic Air
Penetralia Tribute To The Moon Metal Age
Pentacle The Fifth Movement Displeased
Pentagram Human Hurricane Downtime Recordings
Perpetual Demise Arctic DSFA
Phantom The Best Of The Rest (2CD) Shark Records
Primigenium Art Of War Full Moon Prod.
Primordial Imrama Cacophonous
Promethean Gazing The Invisible Avantgarde
Pro-Pain The Truth Hurts Roadrunner
Pyrexia System Of The Animal Serious Entertainment
Queensryche Promised Land (orig.) EMI
Ragnarok (UK) Domgeorn Eldethorn/Neat
Ras Algethi Oneiricon -The White Hypnotic Wounded Love
Raunchy Velvet Noise (Digipak) Mighty Music
Rebaelliun Annihilation Hammerheart
Reign Of Erebus Of Blackest Magick… Winter Storm Prod.
Revelation Never Comes Silence Hell Hound
Ring's End Digest Serious Entertainment
Root Hell Symphony Cacophonous
Rotten Sound From Crust 'Til Grind Deathvomit/Necropolis
Rotting Christ Satanas Tedeum Unisound
Rotting Christ "Passage To Arcturo (""Rassage"" misprint on spine)" Unisound
Rough Silk Walls Of Never (Midprice) Massacre
Rough Silk Roots Of Hate Massacre
Rough Silk Circle Of Pain: Or…The Secret Lies Of Timekeeping Massacre
Running Wild Port Royal (orig.) Noise
Sadist Crust Displeased
Sadus Chronicles Of Chaos Mascot
Sarcophagus Sarcophagus/Deadnoise/Ubermensch Eps Pulverizer
Satanic Slaughter Land Of The Unholy Souls Necropolis
Satanic Slaughter Banished To The Underworld (in limited slipcase) Black Sun
Satyricon The Shadowthrone Moonfog
Satyricon/Enslaved The Forest Is My Throne/Yggdrasil (Split Digipak) Moonfog
Saviour Machine Live In Deutschland Massacre
Scanner Ball Of The Damned Massacre
Scholomance A Treatise On Love The End
Scholomance The Immortality Murder (2CD) The End
Sea Of Tranquillity/Pax Mortis Dead Of Winter/Defiant (Split CD) Cursed Productions
Sear Bliss The Pagan Winter II Moons
Sear Bliss The Haunting II Moons
Serpent Obscene Serpent Obscene Necropolis
Shamash Eternal As Time OZ Records
Silicon Head Bash DSFA
Sins Of Omission Flesh On Your Bones Black Sun
Sirius Aeons Of Magick Nocturnal Art Prod.
Skitsystem Gra Varld / Svarta Tankar Distortion
Sortilege Larmes De Heros (#0736/5000) Axe Killer
Sortilege Metamorphose (#1426/5000) Axe Killer
Steve Sylvester Free Man Rosemary's Baby
Stigmata Troy Blood Unbeaten (2CD) Overit
Stormlord Supreme Art Of War Last Episode
Stormlord Where My Spirit Forever Shall Be Last Episode
Suppository/Agathocles Raised By Hatred/Hunt Hunters (split) Obscene Prod.
Symphony X Twilight In Olympus (sealed) InsideOut
Syrinx Kaleidoscope Of Symphonic Rock Cyber Music
Syris Unseen Forces ABS Records
Ten Ton Tide 1994 Demo (feat. Al Pitrelli pre-Savatage) (private press)
Thanatos Angelic Encounters (Digipak) Hammerheart
Thorns Thorns (single disc) Moonfog
Thou Art Lord Apollyon (Digipak, sealed) Unisound
Thou Shalt Suffer Into The Woods Of Belial (no barcode) Nocturnal Art Prod.
Threnody Threnody Massacre
Throne Of Ahaz Nifelheim No Fashion
T-Nailed Drown DSFA
Trail Of Tears Disclosure In Red DSFA
Transport League Stallion Showcase Mascot
Transport League Superevil Mascot
Tulus Mysterion Hot Records
Turpentines American Music For American People White Jazz
Ulcerate Fester Sonatorrek Cyber Music
Uncreation Uncreation Black Dragon/Repulse
Unlord Schwarzwald (Digipak) Displeased
Unnatural Throne Of Anguish Qabalah Prod./Repulse
Usurper Threshold Of The Usurper Necropolis
V/A Repulsive Assault Vol. 2 (Cardboard slipcase) Repulse
V/A In Conspiracy With Satan - A Tribute To Bathory (Digipak) No Fashion
V/A Cyber Music (Promo Only Sampler, Slimline CD-Case) Cyber Music
V/A Appointment With Fear Vol. 2 Cyber Music
V/A Appointment With Fear Vol. 3 Cyber Music
V/A Stahlmaster Vol. 3 ABS Records
V/A Stahlmaster Vol. 4 ABS Records
V/A Nordic Metal - A Tribute To Euronymous Necropolis
V/A Smells Like Team Spirit III Displeased
V/A Paradise Of The Underground (w/rare Acrostichon, Polluted Inheritence, first-ever Gathering song with Anneke!) DSFA
V/A Book Seven DSFA
V/A Metal Militia - A Tribute To Metallica (Luciferion, Ceremonial Oath, Dark Tranquillity, In Flames) Black Sun
V/A Satanic Slaughter - A Tribute To Slayer (At The Gates, Dissection, Merciless, Enslaved) Black Sun
V/A Satanic Slaughter II - A Tribute To Slayer (Luciferion, Cradle Of Filth, Anathema, Unanimated) Black Sun
Vader Reborn In Chaos Hammerheart
Vermin Millennium Ride No Fashion
Warning Warning (#1957/5000) Axe Killer
Willow Wisp Delusions Of Grandeur Full Moon Prod.
Winds Reflections Of The I The End
Winds The Imaginary Direction Of Time The End
Winters Bane Heart Of A Killer (orig. Midprice) Massacre
Within Temptation The Dance (orig.) DSFA
Within Temptation Enter (orig.) DSFA
Within Temptation Restless (rare cardboard wallet promo single) DSFA
Wolfpack Allday Hell No Tolerance
Wrathchild (UK) Delirium FM/Revolver
XYZ Take What You Can…Live (#1459) Axe Killer
Znowhite All Hail To Thee/Kick 'Em When They're Down (#0640/3000) Axe Killer

Mallcore Kid

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 27, 2011 8:15 am 

got a pm

Metal newbie

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 12, 2012 3:33 pm 


Do you have the Full Moon Productions sampler that contains the ABRUPTUM's track?


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