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Mallcore Kid

Joined: Mon Sep 19, 2011 6:14 am
Posts: 16
PostPosted: Sat May 12, 2018 7:14 pm 

picture available! just ask!

only EMAIL!!


Condition : Media/Cover

Walhalla - War over Nordland 666 copies only NM/VG 2usd
Goatmoon - Goatmoon  N/N 22usd
Satanic Warmaster - Ondskapens makt / Forgotten Graves M/M 6usd
Wehrhammer - Unser Stolz Nie Vergeht EP N/N 10usd
Seigneur Voland / Chemin de Haine - Ceremonie Chaotique... 301/500 M/EX 15usd
Der Sturmer / Evil / Nacht und Nebel - Those Who Want to Create...M/M 40usd
Armatus / Vargr - Split #249/300 Handnumbered M/M 20usd
Armatus / Panzerfaust - Split #105/200 Handnumbered M/EX 50usd

10" Vinyl
Drudkh - Anti-Urban #765/999 ltd M/M 30usd

12" Vinyl

Kristallnacht - Warspirit Pic LP  #277/300 Handnumbered copies only M/M 40usd
Wehrhammer - Schrei der Wolfe 2LP 300 ltd only M/M 30usd
Goatmoon - Finish Steel Storm LP M/M 65usd
Joyless - Without Support M/M #230/500 Handnumbered M/M 10usd
Hirilorn - Revenge Is Near 300 copies only M/M 20usd
Mutiilation - Majestas Leprosus 666 copies only M/M 15usd
Dimmu Borgir - For all tid NB Ver.M/NM 35usd
Satanic Warmaster - Opferblut M/EX 800 copies only 15usd
Green Carnation - The Trilogy #349/333 copies only Box Set Factory Sealed 100usd
Agalloch - Wooden Box Set Red Vinyl #100/150 copies only M/M 500usd
Mortiis - The Song of a Long Forgotten Ghost Blue Ver. ltd 150 handnumbered M/M 35usd
Mortiis - The Song of a Long Forgotten Ghost Gold Ver. ltd 150 handnumbered M/M 35usd

Drudkh - Handful of Stars Box Set 600 Copies only with T-Shirts N/N 50usd
Ulfsdalir - Bilsteinfeuer 3CD Set 400 copies only M/M 18usd
Ulfsdalir - Wolfszeit M/M 3usd
V/A - Crushing The Holy Trinity 3CD M/Bad (CD andinsert is M but Cover is Bad See the Pic) 5usd
Burzum - Box Set M/M 35usd
Der Weg einer Freiheit - S/T #87/200 Handnumbered Only M/M 45usd
Nargaroth - Jahreszeiten A5 DIGIBOOK Factory Sealed 15usd
Aryan Blood / Eisenwinter - Split A5 DIGIBOOK M/EX++ 80usd
Armaggedon - kill yourself or die 1st press NM/M 10usd
Satanic warmaster - W.A.T.W.T.C.O.T.B.W.O.A.A.  200 copies only with super jewel case NM/M 50usd
Wehrhammer - Wir ziehen in den Krieg CDr ORG Press Very Rare G/NM 40usd
Kettenhund - Aus der kalten Asche 18/25 copies only handnumbered Very Rare VG/NM 45usd
Seigneur Voland - Seigneur Voland 1PRESS Rare M/M 18usd
The Shadow Order / Grom - Sons of Zeus M/M 15usd
Mjolnir - Hinweg uber die Tore der Zeit 1PRESS Very Rare M/M 65usd
Sturmfuhrer - ich kampfe M/M 15usd
Sturmfuhrer - Eisenmutter M/M 15usd
Sigrblot - Blodsband (Blood Religion Manifest) 1PRESS ORG M/M 15usd
Asgaroth - The Quest for Eldenhor M/M 18usd
Dark Funeral -  The Secret of  the Black Art DIGI Ver. M/EX 13usd
Dark Funeral -  The Secret of  the Black Art Jewel Ver. 5usd
Nest - Trail of the Unwary 1PRESS M/M 10usd
Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas NM/NM DSP Ver. 6usd
Kawir - To Cavirs #120/125 Handnumbered only M/M 25usd
Feuersturm - Wenn der Tag sich dem Ende neigt 1PRESS M/M 2usd
Darkthrone - Transilvanian Hunger with "NORSK ARISK BLACK METAL" NM/NM 10usd
Old Wainds - Oбжигающий холодный 1PRESS M/M 6usd
Flammentod - Chattenkrieg 1PRESS 95 Copies only M/M 30usd
Flammentod / Heidenblut - Split 1PRESS 25usd
Hirilorn / Nasav - Split 200 Copies only 15usd
Agalloch - Whitedivisiongrey Factory Sealed 35usd

Mallcore Kid

Joined: Mon Sep 19, 2011 6:14 am
Posts: 16
PostPosted: Fri May 25, 2018 9:01 am 


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