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Joined: Fri Aug 14, 2009 12:22 pm
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 14, 2018 1:56 pm 

I just noticed their identities got added to their MA page, but I hadn't seen this mentioned anywhere yet. I guess it was just a matter of time given they've been playing more shows. I was convinced there would be at least one Behemoth member in there, so it's kind of refreshing that it's essentially minor players in the Polish scene that were able to make such a big splash.

Anyway, they're about to play the US for the first time but I unfortunately had to sell my ticket to the Chicago show. Really excited for people to see them, and hopefully this gives them some momentum for their upcoming Metal Blade release. Their debut is something that deserved all the hype and more, it's a pretty unique, crazy heavy sound and I still listen to it regularly.


Joined: Thu May 01, 2008 10:47 pm
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 14, 2018 2:15 pm 

I got hooked on these guys the first time I heard Litourgiya. The album works great as a unit while still maintaining a good variety, between the slower/subtle and more melodic parts, the chanting, and the full-blown black metal aspects complete with blasting and lots of tremolo picking.

This is coming from someone who didn't listen to much metal from '14-early'18, but I hadn't heard anything like it the first time I gave it a spin. I immediately told all my brothers to check it out when they had a moment and they were quick to become fans themselves. i definitely can't wait to hear more output from these guys. I had no idea that they were signed to Metal Blade, but that's good for them. Hopefully Slagel and Co. give them the love they deserve.

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Joined: Tue Jul 23, 2013 10:40 pm
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 14, 2018 4:35 pm 

I was obsessed with their album when I got the reissue and still listen to it very frequently. Am going to the Aug. 15 NYC show and am super stoked for it.


Joined: Sat Apr 19, 2008 1:35 pm
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 15, 2018 2:41 am 

Their full length was alright, but not long after i read somewhere they were members of Hermh(guess it was just the main guy after double checking) and one of them ran Witching Hour Productions, which has a great reputation..lol.
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Joined: Wed Dec 29, 2004 2:33 am
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 15, 2018 9:06 am 

I'll be in Chicago for both shows. I love when bands go all out with sound and presentation. With them being picked up by a bigger label and playing more shows I think we can start counting down until there's backlash from the contrarian part of the underground against them.
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 15, 2018 10:26 am 

In theory I really like this band. Cool concept, cool songs, great music. I love the chants. But basically the harsh vocals are something of a dealbreaker for me...they just sound so decidedly modern and commercial that it really gets in the way. I haven't listened to that guy's other bands, so I dunno if he uses a different technique elsewhere, but basically I just wish he either stuck to cleans, used a more old school style for the harsh vocals, or they got another guy to do the harsh vocals instead of him. Do that, and this band would be pretty great I think.
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