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Country of origin:
United States
Cleveland, Ohio
Formed in:
Power/Speed Metal
Lyrical themes:
Life, Fate, Science fiction, Sex, Metal, Power, Love
Last label:
Years active:
1988 (as Greg Perry Project), 1988-1989
After Greg Perry quit Attaxe for the 2nd time, he recruited his former bandmates Juan Ricardo and Kenny Easterly and founded the unnamed band that would become Zyklóne in late 1988. After completing their still unnamed band's lineup with the addition of Chemikill bassist Cal Burgess, they immediately went to Modern Recording Services to record 3 songs written by Greg Perry (one of which, ...
Calvin Burgess Bass
See also: Shades of Remembrance, Sleeplord, ex-Attaxe, ex-Chemikill, ex-Mystik, ex-Sinister, ex-Point After
Kenny Easterly Sr. Drums
See also: Mystik, ex-Nightcrawler, ex-Purgatory, ex-Cyanide Fly, ex-NI4NI, ex-Victor Fist
Greg Perry Guitars
See also: Zone Eleven, ex-Purgatory, Strong Arm Tactics, ex-Attaxe, ex-Chemikill, ex-Nightcrawler, ex-Victor Fist
Juan Ricardo Vocals
See also: Attaxe, Blind Cross, Ritual, Sunless Sky, The Veith Ricardo Project, Wretch, ex-Arena, ex-Ritual of Torment, ex-Torment, ex-Chemikill, ex-Dark Arena, ex-Stryker, ex-Chronic Rage, ex-Warmaster
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