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Zmey Gorynich

Country of origin:
Formed in:
Folk Metal/Deathcore
Lyrical themes:
Folklore, Humour, Russian stereotypes
Current label:
Soundage Productions
Years active:
The band dubs their style as "lubok-core", a combination of folk metal and deathcore.

Zmey Gorynich (Russian "Змей Горыныч") is an Eastern-Slavic mythological dragon which has three heads, walks on two back paws, has small front paws, and spits fire.

Not to be confused with Zmei Gorinich (ambient/darkwave) from Kazan, Tatarstan.
Gvozd Bass
See also: Kartikeya, Above the Earth
Stalin Drums
See also: Kartikeya, Путь Солнца, ex-Невидь, ex-Arcane Grail (live), Above the Earth, Bingo, Chatalhüyük, ex-Arcana Imperia, ex-Manic Depression (live), ex-Паника
Kudiyar Guitars, Vocals, Balalaika, Harp, Flute, Accordion, Vocals (backing)
See also: Arsafes, Kartikeya, ex-Крамола, ex-Невидь, Chatalhüyük, Hellrune, Katari, Multiverse, ex-Witchcraft, ex-Изморозь, ex-Above the Earth, ex-Miasma, ex-Vengeance Is Mine
Mityay Vocals
See also: Arcanorum Astrum, Lunae Ortus, Nimphaion, Chatalhüyük, Grailight, Skylord, ex-Armaga, ex-Atra Mustum, ex-Изморозь, ex-Откровения Дождя, ex-Emerald Night (live), ex-СатанаКозёл (live), ex-Arcane Grail
Rys Vocals (female)
See also: Ориана, Рарогъ, Sky Too High, ex-Imperial Age, ex-Morbid Violence, ex-Valley of the Moon, ex-Vesper Led
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