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Country of origin:
Genoa, Ligury
Formed in:
Doom Metal
Lyrical themes:
Horror, Occultism, Bizarre tales
Last label:
Black Widow Records
Years active:
The band was formed in 1987. Their primary influence was NWOBHM, American and Italian early doom metal scene (Pagan Altar, Trouble, Black Hole, etc.). Music varied from raw heavy metal to slow doom metal with atmosphere of horror movies. Lyrics were based on occultism, obscure tales and horror stories. The band performed some live sessions at Genova’s Hobbit Studios between December 1987 and ...
Dr. Freudstein Bass
See also: ex-Malombra, Ballo Delle Castagne, Egida Aurea, Il Segno Del Comando, Recondita Stirpe
F. Rosenkranz Drums, Synths
See also: ex-Malombra
Dr. Polidori Guitars
See also: Soul of Enoch, Tony Tears, ex-Abysmal Grief, ex-Helden Rune, ex-Ignis Fatuus, ex-Kathekon, ex-Lux Obscuritatis
Lord Ruthven Guitars
See also: ex-Dark Winter, ex-Malombra
Mercy La Morgue Vocals, Synths (1987-1988)
See also: ex-Malombra, Ianva, ex-Helden Rune, ex-Il Segno Del Comando
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