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Zanister - Photo


Country of origin:
United States
Cincinnati, Ohio
Formed in:
Heavy Metal
Life struggles, Overcoming
Last label:
Leviathan Records
Years active:
A supergroup studio project.

Compilation appearances:
- "Fighters in the Sky" on Israeli True Metal Force Vol.2 (Metal Hammer Israel)
- "The Fallen" on Israeli True Metal Force Vol.15 (Metal Hammer Israel, 2001)
James Martin Bass
See also: Concept of God, ex-Kinrick, ex-Surgeon, ex-Solitude Aeturnus
Brian Harris Drums
See also: Darkology, Foul Stench, The Reefer Hut, ex-Decay, Aces High, Boss Hawg, Last Call, Mad Hatter, The Michael Harris Tranz-Fusion, ex-Firewind, ex-Kenziner, ex-Structure of Inhumanity, ex-Vainglory, ex-Solstice, ex-Seven Seraphim, ex-My Own Victim, ex-Prowler, ex-Leather Leone (live)
Michael Harris Guitars
See also: Darkology, Michael Harris, Thought Chamber, Arch Rival, ex-Counterpoint, ex-Surgeon, The Michael Harris Tranz-Fusion, ex-Leather, ex-Vitalij Kuprij, ex-Tyrant
David T. Chastain Guitars
See also: Chastain, David T. Chastain, ex-Counterpoint, ex-Shelton Chastain, ex-Spike, ex-CJSS, Southern Gentlemen, ex-Georgia Blues Dawgs, ex-Ruud Cooty, ex-The Cincinnati Improvisational Group
Brian Sarvela Vocals
See also: ex-Sarvela, ex-The Reign of Terror
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