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Country of origin:
United Kingdom
Warrington, Cheshire, England
Formed in:
Thrash/Speed Metal
Lyrical themes:
Death, Anti-Christian, Violence
Last label:
C.M.F.T. Productions
Years active:
1983-1986 (as Ted Heath), 1986-?
Before they were called Xyster they were called Ted Heath, playing punk with the original singer Phil (aka Phibes). He left and they got Graham Cookson (aka Cooky) on vocals. It wasn't until "Cooky" left that they changed the name to Xyster.

Compilation appearances:
- "Die on the Cross" on The New Wave of British Thrash Metal Vol. 1 (Ear Decimation, 1989)
- "Black Bible" on Organ17ism (Org, ...
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