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Country of origin:
United States
Boise, Idaho
Formed in:
Drone/Doom Metal
Lyrical themes:
Nature, Cycles of life
Last label:
Relapse Records
Years active:
2005-2010 (as Pussygutt), 2010-?
Compilation appearances:
- "Within the Light of Fire" on 25 Years Of Contamination (Relapse Records, 2015)
- "Within the Light of Fire" on Relapse 30 Year Anniversary Sampler (Relapse Records, December 2020)
Brittany McConnell Drums, Violin
See also: Sadhaka, Mezektet, ex-Wolves in the Throne Room (live), ex-Pussygutt
Blake Green Guitars, Vocals
See also: Il'Ithil, Lunar Temple, Aelter, Mezektet, Pussygutt, ex-Alter
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