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Wisdom Call - Photo

Wisdom Call

Country of origin:
Kungsör, Västmanland
Formed in:
Power Metal
Lyrical themes:
Christianity, Morality, Religion
Last label:
Rivel Records
Years active:
Compilation appearance(s):
- "Power from the Sky" on Off Road Tracks Vol. 44 (Metal Hammer, 2001)
Andreas Olsson Bass
See also: Rob Rock, Royal Hunt, Stormwind, ex-7days, ex-Eclipse, ex-Harmony, ex-Narnia, ex-Tower of Babel, ex-DivineFire
Andreas Johansson Drums
See also: Avatarium, Christian Liljegren, Narnia, Rob Rock, Royal Hunt, The Doomsday Kingdom, ex-DivineFire (live), ex-System Breakdown
Stefan Olsson Guitars
See also: Olsson, ex-Godgory, ex-Bishop Garden
Fredrik Åberg Guitars
Per Hallman Keyboards
See also: ex-Stormwind
Christian Liljegren Vocals
See also: Audiovision, Christian Liljegren, Flames of Fire, Narnia, The Waymaker, ex-7days, ex-DivineFire, ex-Golden Resurrection, Flagship, Modest Attraction, ex-Trinity, ex-Beautiful Mind, ex-Borderline, ex-Venture
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