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Country of origin:
United States
New York
Formed in:
Progressive Metal/Rock
Lyrical themes:
Christianity, spirituality, social issues
Last label:
Years active:
Wintersong Formed in NY, in the fall of 1988, as a prog rock trio. David and Bill had written a number of songs, then added local drummer Lou Caldarola to round out the band and embarked on Bill's idea of a prog-rock Requiem.

The band recorded the demo in 1989 in Stormville NY with producer Elliot Glenn. They toured the east coast regularly and drew the attention of an up and coming band who ...
Lou Caldarola Drums (1988-1990)
See also: Soundscape, ex-Dominion, ex-Winter, ex-Terminus Est, ex-Toxik
Dave Pitkat Guitars (1988-1990)
Bill Rogers Vocals, Bass, 12 string guitar (1988-1990)
See also: ex-Dominion
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