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Country of origin:
United States
Madison, Wisconsin
Formed in:
Grindcore/Death Metal
Lyrical themes:
Occult, Castration, Motorcycles, The Apocalypse
Last label:
Lurk Sleep Kill
Years active:
Not to be confused with Whorelord from Long Island, New York.
Sam Shinners Bass, Vocals
See also: Parts And Technical Probes To The Forest Floor, Red Museum, Therewolf, ex-Sardonyx, ex-Hexxus, ex-Mandible, ex-Nuevos Huevos, ex-Shit Torrent
Hart Miller Drums
See also: ex-Sardonyx, ex-Bene Gesserit, Blackwell Beauties, Cowboy Winter, Hatekrusher, Vanishing Kids, Wartorn, Yeh-Hup, ex-Brats n' Cheese, ex-Dresden, ex-Other Faces, ex-Words That Burn, ex-Oi Polloi (live)
Matt Jacobs Guitars
See also: Jex Thoth, Ossuary, Panther, ex-Murder of Crows, ex-Petrol Ardente, ex-Anal Beard, ex-Deep Shit, ex-Disassembly of God, ex-Feast of the Zombies, ex-Love Always, Your Friend, ex-Rejected Ideals, ex-Slumberwolf
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