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Weena Morloch

Country of origin:
Marburg, Hesse
Formed in:
Death Industrial/Noise (early), Industrial Metal (later)
Lyrical themes:
Running amok, insanity, terror, Red Army Faction
Current label:
Trisol Music Group
Years active:
1997-1998 (as McBeth), 1998-present
Side project of Alexander Kaschte from Samsas Traum, started as McBeth.

Additional discography (see Samsas Traum):
2003 - Trauma 7" (only released as part of a limited bonus CD to Samsas Traum's album Tineoidea oder)
2004 - Best of (only released as a limited bonus CD to Samsas Traum's compilation album Endstation.Eden)
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