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Warhammer - Photo


Country of origin:
United Kingdom
Broseley, Shropshire, England
Formed in:
Death/Thrash Metal
Gore, Horror, Satanism
Last label:
Years active:
One of the UK's first death metal bands. During April 1986 the band reached number one on the playlist of WBCR radio, New York. The DJ was past and present Kerrang! contributor Don Kaye.

Compilation appearance(s):
- "Halloween" on Britannia Infernus - A History of British Occult and Black Metal (Godreah, 2002)
Shane Embury Drums (1984-?)
See also: Absolute Power, Bent Sea, Born to Murder the World, Brujeria, Hicks Kinison, Insidious Disease, Lock Up, Menace, Napalm Death, Tronos, Venomous Concept, War of the Second Dragon, ex-Azagthoth, ex-Intestinal Infestation, ex-Meathook Seed, ex-Unseen Terror, Blood from the Soul, Dark Sky Burial, Little Giant Drug, Visceral Collapse, ex-Liquid Graveyard, ex-Anaal Nathrakh (live), ex-Drop Dead, ex-Malformed Earthborn
Mitch Dickinson Guitars (1984-?)
See also: ex-Intestinal Infestation, ex-Unseen Terror, ex-Napalm Death (live), ex-Sacrilege, ex-Heresy
Wayne Aston Guitars (1984-?)
See also: ex-Azagthoth, ex-Unseen Terror
Mike Clarke Vocals, Bass (1984-?)
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