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Country of origin:
Amsterdam, North Holland
Formed in:
Gothic/Doom Metal
Lyrical themes:
Fantasy, Nature, Rare Things
Last label:
Nightfall Records
Years active:
1992-1995 (as The Circle), 1995-1996
Formerly known as The Circle. Founding member Robert Westerholt left The Circle during the recording of their 1st album in 1995 due to creative differences, and immediately afterwards the band changed their name to 'Voyage', because Robert insisted on taking the name with him. Therefore, the band's album was released under the band name Voyage; titled 'Embrace' (1996, Nightfall Records). This ...
Jeroen van Veen Bass (1995-1996)
See also: Within Temptation, ex-The Circle, ex-Spina Bifida
Martijn Spierenburg Drums, Keyboards (1995-1996)
See also: Within Temptation, ex-The Circle
Michiel Papenhove Guitars (1995-1996)
See also: ex-Within Temptation, ex-Fokkum
Patrick Harreman Guitars, Vocals (1995-1996)
See also: Usurper, ex-Moon of Sorrow, ex-Sepulchral Death, ex-Vatican, Morphine Machine, ex-Alienation Spacemachine
Carmen van der Ploeg Vocals (1995-1996)
See also: ex-The Circle, ex-Xenomorph
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