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Vials of Wrath - Photo

Vials of Wrath

Country of origin:
United States
Charlotte, North Carolina (early); Maryville, Tennessee (later)
Formed in:
Ambient Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
Christianity, Nature
Current label:
Flowing Downward
Years active:
Compilation appearances:
- "Revival of the Embers" on All Things Christian Extreme Metal Volume 1 (not on label, digital, 2016)
- "All That Is Left in Shade" on Hymns of the Blackest Light, Vol. 1 (Fallen Oak Recording, 2017)
- "The Ways of Old" on Hymns of the Blackest Light, Vol. 2 (Fallen Oak Recording, 2018)
- "A Greating Calling" (07:39) on Atmospheric Depressive (not on label, May 21, ...
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