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Country of origin:
Karjaa, Uusimaa
On hold
Formed in:
Death Metal
Lyrical themes:
Gore, Perversion
Last label:
Loud & Wrong Records
Years active:
The band has been asked for permission to use the music on their album as theme songs for the "stars" of the local finnish professional show wrestling league.
Antti Toivanen Bass
See also: ex-Vomiting Skulls
Tomi Weckman Drums
See also: Loinen, ex-Vomiting Skulls, ex-Masokismi (live), ex-Söder om Söder, ex-Supersankarit
Tuomo Tolonen Guitars
See also: Tuska, ex-Wasara, ex-Våld
Tuomas Herrala Vocals
See also: ex-Vomiting Skulls
Greger Grönholm Vocals
See also: Loinen, Malicious Death, Tuska, ex-Six-Pack God, ex-Våld, ex-Masokismi (live), ex-Distrahera, ex-Söder om Söder, ex-Sven Tuba och Fiskmåsarna
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