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Verde Lauro - Photo

Verde Lauro

Country of origin:
Italy / Switzerland
Formed in:
Symphonic Power/Progressive Metal
Francesco Petrarca's Poetry
Current label:
Years active:
Project led by Fabrizio Sassi to celebrate the works of the italian poet Francesco Petrarca (1304 - 1374), also known as Petrarch. For this purpose, he gathered around him some famous musicians from the italian power metal scene.

The words "Verde Lauro" is taken from a recurring theme in Petrach's poetry, and it literally means "green laurel".

Additional discography:
- Son animali al ...
Mattia Stancioiu Drums
See also: Athlantis, Crown of Autumn, ex-Amazing Maze, ex-Magnifiqat, ex-Crimson Dawn, ex-Labÿrinth, ex-Mandragora Scream, ex-Mornar, ex-Pandæmonium, ex-Screaming Shadows, ex-Vision Divine, ex-Arkenemy (live), ex-Alice in Darkland, ex-Cydonia, ex-Symmetry
Federico De Zani Drums
See also: Wake Arkane, ex-Disciples of Chaos, ex-The Wake, ex-Through Your Silence
Francesco Marras Guitars, Bass
See also: Screaming Shadows, Tygers of Pan Tang, ex-Survivors, ex-Eruption (Ita)
Pier Gonella Guitars, Bass
See also: Athlantis, Mastercastle, Necrodeath, Odyssea, Perseo Miranda, Vanexa, ex-Amazing Maze, Pier Gonella, ex-Bellathrix, ex-Labÿrinth, ex-Maciej Podsiadło, ex-Wild Steel, ex-Synthphonia Suprema
Mauro Desideri Keyboards
Fabrizio Sassi Vocals
Alessandro Del Vecchio Vocals
See also: Archon Angel, Chalice of Sin, Edge of Forever, Eleventh Hour, Enemy Eyes, Faithsedge, Jorn, Level 10, Silent Force, Sunstorm, The Grandmaster, Dragon's Cave (live), Brunorock, Hardline, Killer Kings, Kraemer, Lovekillers, Mayank, Moonstone Project, Poison Rose, T3nors, The Big Deal, Voodoo Circle, ex-Eden's Curse, ex-Ronnie Romero, ex-Fury n Grace, ex-Axe, ex-Frontiers All Stars, ex-Lionville, ex-Glenn Hughes (live), ex-Matt Filippini (live)
Davide Dell'Orto Vocals
See also: Athlantis, Drakkar, Ivory
Emanuele Rastelli Vocals
See also: Crown of Autumn, ex-Magnifiqat, ex-Crimson Dawn
Roberto Tiranti Vocals
See also: Labÿrinth, Odyssea, ex-Amazing Maze, ex-5th Element, 999, Batti Becchi, Headrush, Hungry Daze, Mangala Vallis, Roberto Tiranti, Wonderworld, ex-Vanexa, ex-Wild Steel, ex-A Perfect Day, ex-Frontiers All Stars, ex-Live Fire, ex-New Trolls, ex-Matt Filippini (live)
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