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Variant Qualities

Country of origin:
United States
Richmond, Virginia
Formed in:
Progressive Metal
Lyrical themes:
Last label:
Years active:
1999, 2008-?
Variant Qualities was a short-lived project of Kris Norris in 1999. Inspired by Liquid Tension Experiment, he recorded an album in a similar style. Around 12 tracks were recorded in one week, and eight were released as a demo. VQ remained inactive, and a few years later Kris lost the recordings.

In 2008, he was given a copy by a fan, and he re-released the album online. Re-recordings were ...
Kris Norris All instruments (1999-?)
See also: ex-Disinterment, ex-Locus Factor, ex-New Millennium's End, ex-Runelore, ex-The Kris Norris Projekt, A Cancerous Affair, Blisskill, Shadow Domain, ex-Darkest Hour, ex-Straight Line Stitch, ex-Threat Signal (live), ex-Narsilion, ex-God Forbid (live), ex-Scar the Martyr, ex-The Godless Symphony, ex-Vimic
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