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Country of origin:
London, United Kingdom / Belgium
Formed in:
Depressive/Post-Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
Self-hatred, Depression, Sorrow
Last label:
Years active:
Compilation appearance(s):
- "Beneath the Shade of Time" on Jericho Vol.47 - My Self Destruction (Jericho Vol.47, 2019)
Déhà All instruments (2013-?), Vocals (2013-?), Bass (2014-?)
See also: Acathexis, COAG, Cult of Erinyes, Déhà, Drache, God Enslavement, Imber Luminis, Iniquitatem, Lykta, Maladie, Merda Mundi, Saturnian Tempel, Silver Knife, Slow, Sorta Magora, The Nest, The Penitent, Transcending Rites, We All Die (Laughing), Wolvennest, Wrath of the Nebula, Yhdarl, Ignifer, ex-Deviant Messiah, ex-Sources of I, ex-Ter Ziele, Aardling, Aurora Borealis, Coma., Detrvire, Lidden, Nadddir, ex-Clouds, ex-DunkelNacht, ex-God Eat God, ex-Ithilien, ex-K.F.R, ex-Lebenssucht, ex-Deos, ex-Absit Omen, ex-Alenda, ex-Anal Cuntrona, ex-AutoDestructionNeeded, ex-Eat Their Crusts, ex-GigaPenzor, ex-Jah El Camino, ex-Khel, ex-NØD
Khrudd Vocals (2013-?)
See also: Bereft of Light, Clouds, Colosus, Cursed Cemetery, Daius, Eye of Solitude, God Eat God, Mourners, Obseqvies, Ustkara Ghost, ex-Deos, ex-Fogland, ex-My Shadow, ex-Aeonian Sorrow, ex-Aphonic Threnody, ex-Ennui, ex-Genune, ex-Gothic, ex-Mistralth, ex-Pantheist, ex-Pathogenic Virulence, ex-Shape of Despair, ex-Sidious, ex-Tableau Mort, ex-Unfathomable Ruination, ex-L.O.S.T. (live), ex-Tiarra, ex-Amatris (live)
Ahephaim Drums (2015-?)
See also: Humanitas Error Est, Lebenssucht, Throne ov Shiva, Absolutus (live), Cult of Erinyes (live), Imber Luminis (live), Lost God, ex-Exuviated, ex-No-Lokost, ex-Rogash, ex-Coalition, ex-Enthroned, ex-Grabak, ex-Neverland in Ashes, ex-Leng Tch'e (live), ex-Necroblaspheme, ex-Cedra, ex-Gate to Another Side, ex-Hynnner Vs Hant1S3, ex-I-Prevail, ex-Locknut, ex-Shaft of Light, ex-Twilight of Darkness
Isfeth Guitars (2015-?)
See also: Sidious, ex-Eye of Solitude, ex-Clouds (live)
Indomitus Guitars (2015-?)
See also: Sidious, ex-Eye of Solitude
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