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Unholy Ritual

Country of origin:
Athens, Attica
Formed in:
Symphonic Progressive Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
Satan, Evil, Death
Current label:
Mute Records
Years active:
Drakhon "Devourer of Celestial Ethos" Bass
See also: Aherusia, Obsecration, ex-Diabolical Principles, ex-Mortuus Caelum, ex-Soulskinner (live)
Talos "Mechanical Blasphemy" Drums
See also: Pandora Opened The Box, Word of Life, ex-Savaoth
Alex P Guitars
See also: Litrosis, Mortal Torment, ex-Manfected, ex-Hybrid
Q_Snc "Architect of Chaosmos Supernal" Keyboards
See also: Litrosis, Shadowcraft, Daylight Misery (live), Crown Thy Horns, ex-Diabolical Principles, ex-Everdome, ex-Kawir, ex-Lykaionas, ex-Savaoth
Erevos "Reaper of Time" Vocals
Bertram Drums
Ianos Guitars
Trauma Guitars
Gareth Guitars
See also: Diabolical Principles, Divine Blasphemy, Mortuus Caelum, ex-Stellar Darkness, ex-Dizziness
A.Z. Guitars
See also: Obsecration, Lord Abortion, ex-Gospel of Grief
Geegor Vocals, Guitars
See also: Archaeos, Diabolical Principles, Divine Blasphemy, Dizziness, Infernal Wrath, Liturgy of Desecration, Mortuus Caelum, Σατανάς Vurdul, ex-Coprovomit, ex-Death Fiend, ex-Acrimonious, ex-Burial Hordes, ex-Enshadowed, ex-Sadolust, ex-The Rain I Bleed, ex-Universe217, ex-Via Serpentis (live), ex-Corpus Vile, ex-Engraved Silence, ex-Mora, ex-Saprophytra
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