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Country of origin:
Seixal, Set├║bal
Changed name
Formed in:
Death Metal/Grindcore
Lyrical themes:
Sexual, Death, Horror
Last label:
War Productions
Years active:
1998-2001, 2001-2011 (as Namek)
Oktopus Bass, Vocals (1998-2001)
See also: Bathurzum, Black Blood Whoracle, Carnificina, Di.Soul.Ved, Hibernáculo, Martelo Negro, Namek, Vampyro, ex-The Rise of Ophiuchus, ex-Black Hammer, ex-Systematic Collision, ex-Grog, ex-Neoplasmah, ex-Filii Nigrantium Infernalium (live), ex-The Invertebrate, ex-Raw (live), ex-F.A.R.T., ex-Hummus, ex-Kaffify, ex-Leftovers, ex-Lobotomized Ejaculator, ex-Psycoma, ex-Spermshot Soldiers, ex-Tumulo de Ligeia, ex-Vagina Grotesca
Dr. Lombrigus Guitars, Vocals, Drum programming (1998-2001)
See also: Neoplasmah, ex-The Invertebrate, ex-Black Hammer, ex-Systematic Collision, Fecal Expiration, Lobotomized Ejaculator, Project Six, Psycoma, Vagina Grotesca, ex-Antiquus Scriptum, ex-Grog, ex-Martelo Negro, ex-Raw (live), ex-Firstborn Evil, ex-Putregod
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