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Country of origin:
Eskilstuna, Södermanland
Formed in:
Black/Thrash Metal
Lyrical themes:
Evil, Darkness, War, Hatred
Current label:
Pulverised Records
Years active:
Not to be confused with Tyrant from Jönköping.

Compilation appearances:
- "The Rebirth... (Claim The Flame)" on Fear Candy 47 (Terrorizer Magazine, 2007)
- "The Rebirth... (Reclaim the Flame)" on Zero Tolerance [ZTAUDIO016] (Zero Tolerance Magazine, 2007)
- "The Rebirth" on Listenable Records Summer Sampler 2008
Daniel Ekeroth Bass (2007-present)
See also: ex-Dellamorte, ex-Usurpress, Iron Lamb, Martyrdöd, Soul Devourer (Swe), Uncurbed, ex-Third Storm, ex-Horndal (live), ex-Insision, ex-Diskonto, ex-Turabus
Andreas Jonsson Drums (2007-present)
See also: Vinterland, ex-Porphyria, ex-NunFuckRitual, ex-The Black
Peter Bjärgö Guitars (2007-present)
See also: Crypt of Kerberos, Arcana, ex-Chronic Decay, ex-Ileus, ex-Macrodex, ex-September, Karjalan Sissit, Meanwhile, Onus, Peter Bjärgö, Sophia, ex-Vinterland (live), ex-Victoria
D. Forn Bragman Vocals (2007-present)
See also: Vinterland, ex-Porphyria, ex-The Black, Iron Lamb, Karjalan Sissit, ex-Le Mans, ex-Trigger for Murder
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