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Tyrant's Reign

Country of origin:
United States
Littleton, Colorado
Changed name
Formed in:
Heavy Metal
Last label:
Years active:
1989-1991, 1991-? (as Incarnate Fear)
The band released at least one demo tape.

Tim Bolton and Ty Fornier were the drummer and bassist, though it's not yet clear which one of them played which instrument.

Not to be confused with the Thrash/Power/Speed Metal band Tyrant's Reign from Indiana/Illinois.
Tim Bolton Unknown
See also: ex-Incarnate Fear
Ty Fornier Unknown
See also: ex-Incarnate Fear
John Lutzow Guitars (1989-1991)
See also: Leviathan, ex-Incarnate Fear, Tomorrow at Dawn, ex-Psyco Drama, ex-Braver Since Then, ex-Foolish Pride, ex-Richthofen
Jason Boudreau Guitars (1989-1991)
See also: ex-Negative Four, ex-The Quiet Room, Tomorrow at Dawn, ex-Defeat the Lie, ex-Jason LaRoy, ex-Laroy and Co
Tim "Lizzy" Lawrence Vocals (1989-1991)
(R.I.P.) See also: ex-Iron Fortress, ex-Onyx Rook
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