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Country of origin:
Marl, North Rhine-Westphalia
Formed in:
Black/Thrash Metal
Lyrical themes:
Sadomasochism, Bondage, Anti-Christianity
Last label:
Necropolis Records
Years active:
1989-1993 (as Dissection), 1993-2000
Other releases:
"Hyperborea" (demo Aug 1993, 30 copies)
"Extazia " album was scheduled to be released in 2000, but is unavailable due to Necropolis Records collapse.

Contributed to the various artists album "World.Domination.II" with the song "Status Sturmer" in 1997.

"Tsatthoggua" is the name of an ancient god in the literature works of Howard Philips Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith. ...
False Prophet Bass (1993-2000)
See also: ex-Dissection
Lightning Bolt Drums (1993-2000)
See also: ex-Ninnghizhidda, ex-Dissection
Nar Marratuk Guitars (1993-2000)
See also: ex-Dissection
Perverted Pete Guitars (1993-2000)
See also: Black Messiah, ex-Musty Guts, ex-Ninnghizhidda, ex-Dissection, ex-Interstellar Genocide, ex-Eternal Dirge
North Wind Vocals (1993-2000)
See also: ex-Dissection
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