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Tottal Tømming

Country of origin:
Formed in:
Lyrical themes:
Humour, Parody
Current label:
Kannibal Records
Years active:
Atle Sjørengen Bass
See also: Wyruz
Øystein Bass
See also: Grotesque Hysterectomy, Metal Militia (Metallica tribute), ex-Grimfist, ex-Dead Trooper, ex-Pantheon I (live), ex-Damage, ex-Death Injector, ex-JUJ, ex-SFW (So Fucking What), ex-X-Ray, ex-TrollfesT & The Devil's Dangleberries (live)
Pelle Peddal Drums
See also: Autumn Inspiration, The Cult of Destiny, Zerozonic, Trollfest (live), ex-Dead Trooper, ex-Scum Culture, Metal Militia (Metallica tribute), Silence the Sky
Ronny Råtass Drums
See also: Svartelder, ex-Sarkom, ex-Trollfest, ex-Djevel (live), ex-Koldbrann (live), ex-Pantheon I, ex-Urgehal
Alexander Klæboe Guitars
See also: Fastlane Flower, Kodeks, ex-Shot at Dawn, Fastlane Flower
Chris Marchand Guitars
See also: The Cult of Destiny, ex-Shot at Dawn
Max Feedback Guitars
See also: Trollfest, ex-Pantheon I, Metal Militia (Metallica tribute), ex-Sarkom, ex-Finntroll (live), ex-Abiotic (Nor)
Sigrid Vollgraven Vocals
See also: Manhunter, ex-Dead Trooper, ex-Rambokk (live), Metal Militia (Metallica tribute), ex-Grimfist, ex-Trollfest, ex-1349 (live), ex-Cadaverized, ex-Damage, ex-Death Injector, ex-MDK, ex-Piss, ex-SFW (So Fucking What), ex-TrollfesT & The Devils Dangleberries (live)
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