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Total Terror

Country of origin:
Örebro, Örebro
Formed in:
Crust/Death Metal
Lyrical themes:
Last label:
Vic Records
Years active:
This was a short-lived side project of Edge of Sanity members.

Some copies with the recordings from a unreleased LP (1994) also exists; it includes 20 tracks in swedish (22 min.)
Benny Larsson Drums
See also: ex-Godsend, ex-Pan.Thy.Monium, ex-Plague Warhead, ex-Stygg Död, ex-Edge of Sanity, ex-Ophthalamia, ex-Caress into Oblivion, ex-Morot
Dan Swanö Vocals, Guitars
See also: Nightingale, Odyssey, Star One, Unicorn, Witherscape, ex-Anathema, ex-Cryptic Death, ex-Dan Swanö, ex-Demiurg, ex-Diabolical Masquerade, ex-Edge of Sanity, ex-Godsend, ex-Incision, ex-Infestdead, ex-Karaboudjan, ex-Masticate, ex-Mortify, ex-Pan.Thy.Monium, ex-Steel, ex-Stygg Död, ex-Darkcide, ex-Route Nine, Obliterhate, ex-Bloodbath, ex-Maceration, ex-Ribspreader, ex-Brejn Dedd, ex-Caress into Oblivion, ex-Fordz, ex-Ghost, ex-Icarus, ex-Malfaithor, ex-Morot, ex-Sörskogen
Andreas "Drette" Axelsson Vocals, Guitars
See also: The Lurking Fear, Tormented, ex-Infestdead, Disfear, Skitsystem, The Deadbeats, ex-Marduk, ex-Necronaut (live), ex-Edge of Sanity, ex-Incapacity, ex-The Dontcares, ex-Tortyr
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