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Tools of Torture

Country of origin:
Chieti/Pescara, Abruzzo
Formed in:
Brutal Death Metal
Lyrical themes:
Gore, Torture, Mutilation
Last label:
Despise the Sun Records
Years active:
Impure Bass
See also: ex-The Drop of Water That Can Wear Through a Stone
Tamoth Drums
See also: SpermBloodShit, Admarsior (live), ex-Obscura Nox Hibernis, ex-Process Mass Destruction, ex-Putrid Carnage, ex-Valdes, Ass Gaping, Domini Infernum, The Hadom Ravage, ex-Atavicus, ex-Black Faith, ex-My Dark Sin, ex-Thy Gate Beyond
Lord Destroyer Guitars
See also: ex-Bestial Devastation, Mental Shit, Rabid Dogs, ex-The Drop of Water That Can Wear Through a Stone
Genobile Vocals
See also: ex-Bestial Devastation, ex-Corpsefucking Art, ex-Rabid Dogs
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