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To the Gallows - Photo

To the Gallows

Country of origin:
Netherlands / Sweden
Formed in:
Black/Death Metal
Last label:
Years active:
Rogga Johansson and Bob Bagchus formed the band To the Gallows in 2013 with the idea to play black metal in the vein of Bathory. They called Eric Daniels and Henri Sattler to fill the line-up.
Last known
Rogga Johansson Bass (2013-?), Guitars, Drums (2014-?)
See also: Astrophyte, Battle Axis, Bloodgut, Carve, Catacomb, Dead Sun, Down Among the Dead Men, Echelon, Eye of Purgatory, Fondlecorpse, Formaldehydist, Fractured, Furnace, Gauntlet Rule, Ghoulhouse, God Cries, Grisly, Heir Corpse One, House by the Cemetary, Humanity Delete, Johansson & Speckmann, Leper Colony, Lobotomy Dept, Massacre, Megascavenger, Monstrous, Necrogod, Paganizer, PermaDeath, Pile of Skulls, Putrevore, Ravaged by the Yeti, Reek, Revolting, Ribspreader, Rogga Johansson, Severed Limbs, Stass, Stygian Dark, Svitjod, The Cleaner and Mr. Filth's Van Murders, The Dead Cold, The Skeletal, Those Who Bring the Torture, To Descend, War Magic, ex-Demiurg, ex-Eaten, ex-Foreboding, ex-Metal Against Coronavirus, ex-Minotaur Head, ex-Skeletal Spectre, ex-Swarming, ex-Terminal Grip, ex-The Grotesquery, ex-Obesity, Disruptor, Troikadon, ex-Banished from Inferno, ex-Bone Gnawer, ex-Graveyard After Graveyard, ex-Never the Dead, ex-Sinners Burn, ex-Deranged (live), ex-The 11th Hour
Henri Sattler Guitars, Vocals (2013-?)
See also: God Dethroned, Winter of Sin, ex-Dysentery, ex-Grand Supreme Blood Court, ex-Dictated (live), ex-Lords of the Stone, ex-Ministry of Terror
Bob Bagchus Drums (2013-2014)
See also: Beast of Revelation, Grand Supreme Blood Court, Hellehond, Phantom Druid, Siege of Power, Throne, ex-Evoker, ex-Infidel Reich, ex-Minotaur Head, ex-Asphyx, ex-Soulburn, ex-First Class Elite
Eric Daniels Guitars (2013-2014)
See also: Grand Supreme Blood Court, Soulburn, ex-Asphyx, ex-Beast of Revelation, ex-Throne
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