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Country of origin:
United States
Kenney, Illinois
Formed in:
Black Metal (early); Black 'n' Roll (later)
Lyrical themes:
Black Arts, Sacrifice, Occultism, Murder
Current label:
Super Sargasso
Years active:
Tjolgtjar's early music was relatively simple black metal, but the band later evolved into a rock-influenced style tinged by various styles including punk, surf, psychedelic, garage, and early rock, as well as country, gospel, and bluegrass.

Tjolgtjar is pronounced "Toll-Tar".

Also contributed to:
- Sacrifice at the Altar of the Satanic Blood Angel - A Tribute to Von (released by Rusty ...
J.R. Preston Everything (1998-present)
See also: Ă„ngelust, Blood Cult, Bloodwoods, Lord of Depression, Xexyz, The Phibbes Experiment, ex-Enbilulugugal, ex-MMFHL, Prairieland Rebels, Pyfyxfyru, ex-Nihternnes, ex-Roadkill Sodomizer, ex-Burning Blood, ex-0 (Zero), ex-Gypsoma, ex-J.R. Preston, ex-Life Sucks, ex-Machines Resisting Analog, ex-The Telestars, ex-US 36
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