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Thy Light

Country of origin:
Limeira, São Paulo (early), Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom (later)
On hold
Formed in:
Depressive Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
Depression, Suicide, Pain, Nostalgia
Last label:
Talheim Records
Years active:
The album known as The Call of the Dark Forest is not a real Thy Light release, but a never-released demo by a defunct band that founding member Paolo Bruno was a part of named Sergulath that was mislabeled on the Internet as being Thy Light material. Nonetheless, some riffs from that demo were rearranged in a couple early Thy Light songs.

Compilation appearance(s):
- In Mordor Where the ...
Paolo Bruno All instruments, Vocals (2005-present)
See also: Saor (live), Hypnotic Mantra, ex-Desdominus, ex-Dreamstate, ex-Germ (live), ex-Sergulath
Alex Witchfinder Lyrics (2005-present)
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