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Thy Darkest Empire

Country of origin:
United States
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Changed name
Formed in:
Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
Satanism, Sadness
Last label:
Years active:
1996, 1996-? (as Fog)
Compilation appearances:
- "In the Sorrow of a Crimson Sea" on the Dark Horizon Records compilation "Upon a Dark Horizon Underground Compilation Vol. 1".
- "At Dawn They Sleep" on Gateway to Hell - A Tribute to Slayer (Dwell Records, 1999)
Luathca Bass
See also: Hordes of the Lunar Eclipse, Ptahil, The Lurking Corpses, ex-Fog, ex-Malign Starfist, ex-Warkult, ex-Demonic Christ
Tophetarath Drums
See also: A.I.D.S., Hordes of the Lunar Eclipse, ex-Fog, ex-Formaldehyde Sleep, SickToDeth, ex-Acerus, ex-The Lurking Corpses, ex-Viking, ex-Nokturnel, ex-Daisycutter
Atziluth Voluspa Guitars
See also: Iron Noose, Kata Sarka, Boddicker, ex-The Electric Hellfire Club, ex-Acephalix (live), ex-Ptahil (live), ex-The Lurking Corpses (live), ex-Nuclear Hellfrost (live), ex-Fog, ex-Graves of the Endless Fall, ex-Convictions, ex-Endorphins Lost, ex-Wasteland D.C., ex-World Eater
Lord Typhus Vocals, Guitars, Bass
See also: Holocaustum, Mytherium, Typhus, ex-Fog, ex-Formaldehyde Sleep, Grey Wanderer, ex-Dysperium, ex-Engorge, ex-Morpheus Descends, ex-Subconscious, ex-Brimstone, ex-Stormcrow
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