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They Peed on My Rug - Photo

They Peed on My Rug

Country of origin:
Hof, Bavaria
Formed in:
Melodic Death Metal/Deathcore
Lyrical themes:
Blue humour
Last label:
Years active:
?-2004 (as The Crap), 2004-2009 (as Rising Hate), 2009-2010
The band name is a reference to a line from the 1998 comedy film The Big Lebowski.
Simon Mehling Bass (2009-2010)
See also: ex-Rising Hate, ex-The Crap, ex-Angelus Mortis, ex-Funeral of Life
Phil Hertrich Drums (2009-2010)
See also: Pesterous Mind, Senicide, ex-Hellscape, ex-Violation, ex-Rising Hate, ex-Path of Destiny, ex-Urschrei, ex-Agrypnie (live), ex-Sawed Off and Loaded
Christof Dürr Guitars (2009-2010)
See also: ex-Rising Hate, ex-The Crap
Andreas Kieckhöfel Guitars (2009-2010)
See also: Pesterous Mind, ex-Angelus Mortis, ex-Rising Hate
Roman Kazmerovsky Vocals (2009-2010)
See also: ex-Conspiracy, ex-Rising Hate, Johnny Flesh & The Redneck Zombies, ex-Acrid, ex-Vollstoff
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