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The Troops of Doom - Photo

The Troops of Doom

Country of origin:
Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais
Formed in:
Death/Thrash Metal
Blasphemy, Death, Destruction
Current label:
Alma Mater Records
Years active:
Contact: [email protected]

Named after a Sepultura song, from their debut album that Jairo Guedz played on.

Not to be confused with Troops of Doom (Thrash Metal from Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais).
Alexandre Oliveira Drums (2020-present)
See also: Eminence, Raising Conviction, The Southern Blacklist
Jairo "Tormentor" Guedz Guitars (2020-present)
See also: ex-Guerrilha, Metallica Cover Brazil, The Darkness Foundation, The Southern Blacklist, ex-Eminence, ex-Overdose, ex-Sepultura, ex-The Mist, ex-Mantas
Marcelo Vasco Guitars (2020-present)
See also: Demoniac Harvest, Hatred Sculpted Souls, Hellscourge, I Gather Your Grief, Le Chant Noir, Mysteriis, Patria, Vinterthron, Darkest Hate Warfront, ex-Black Winter Night, ex-Demonolatry, ex-Ancientblood, ex-Darkest Hate, Absinthe Bloody, Aurora Austraelis, Konsfearacy, Thrymheim, Valeforshaitan, ex-Necromancer, ex-Lux Ferre, ex-Nocturnal Worshipper
Alex Kafer Vocals, Bass (2020-present)
See also: Enterro, Explicit Hate, Mysteriis, Vinterthron, Darkest Hate Warfront, ex-Genetic Deformation, ex-Anschluss, ex-Coldblood, ex-Impacto Profano, ex-Necromancer, ex-Patria (live), ex-Songe d'Enfer
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