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The Scintilla Project

Country of origin:
United Kingdom
Formed in:
Heavy/Progressive Metal
Lyrical themes:
Science fiction
Current label:
Silver Lining Music
Years active:
"Scintilla" is a sci-fi thriller released in August 2014. To coincide with the film's release, and inspired by it, Biff Byford collaborated with producer Lionel Hicks to form The Scintilla Project.
Tony Ritchie Bass
See also: Balance of Power, USM, ex-Snake Eyes
Lionel Hicks Drums
See also: Balance of Power, ex-Vandamne, Kid Wicked, Lady Luck, USM
Gizz Butt Guitars
See also: The More I See, ex-English Dogs, ex-Sabbat, ex-War Dance, English Dogs, Janus Stark, Love Amongst Ruin (live), ex-Pyogenesis, ex-Atwar, ex-Monkey Jungle, ex-Police Bastard, ex-Sundance, ex-The Desecrators, ex-The Destructors, ex-The Exits, ex-The Northern Lights, ex-The Stupids, ex-The System, ex-Fields of the Nephilim (live), ex-The Prodigy (live)
Chris Masimore Guitars
Andy Sneap Guitars
See also: Judas Priest (live), ex-Godsend, ex-Sabbat, ex-Hell, ex-Acid Reign (live), ex-Fozzy (live)
Stoney Wagner Guitars
John K. Keyboards
See also: ex-Deceptor, ex-Biomechanical, ex-Balance of Power, ex-Fatal Attraction, ex-Gouls, ex-Rottweiller
Biff Byford Vocals (2013-present)
See also: Biff Byford, Saxon, Spin the Wheel, Heavy Water, ex-Son of a Bitch, ex-Coast, ex-Jumble Lane
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