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The Provenance

Country of origin:
Gothenburg, Västra Götaland
Formed in:
Progressive Death/Gothic/Doom Metal
Lyrical themes:
Sadness, Love, Personal Struggle
Last label:
Peaceville Records
Years active:
1995-1998 (as Asmodeus), 1998-2007
Compilation appearances:
- "Going Down" on Fear Candy 11 (Terrorizer Magazine, 2005)
- "At the Barricades" on Peaceville (Loud, Proud, Punk & Metal) (Metal Hammer, 2006)
Jonnie Täll Bass (1998-2007)
See also: ex-Laethora
Joel Lindell Drums (1998-2007)
See also: ex-Laethora, ex-Asmodeus
Joakim Rosén Guitars (lead) (1998-2007)
See also: ex-Laethora, ex-Asmodeus, ex-Damnatory
Tobias Martinsson Guitars, Vocals (1998-2007)
See also: ex-Asmodeus
Emma Hellström Vocals (female), Flute, Keyboards, Mellotron (1998-2007)
See also: ex-Asmodeus
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