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The Plague - Photo

The Plague

Country of origin:
Changed name
Formed in:
Melodic Death Metal
Anxiety, Negativity, Darkness, Hopelessness
Last label:
Years active:
2005-2006, 2006-present (as This Ending)
The band was changed their name when they signed to Metal Blade Records in 2006.

Not to be confused with the Swedish Death Metal band Plague.
Jesper Löfgren Bass (2005-2006)
See also: ex-Guidance of Sin, ex-A Canorous Quintet, ex-This Ending
Fredrik Andersson Drums (2005-2006)
See also: A Canorous Quintet, Myronath, Vananidr, Kvaen (live), ex-Curriculum Mortis, ex-Netherbird (live), ex-Amon Amarth, ex-This Ending, ex-When Nothing Remains, ex-Therion (live), ex-Guidance of Sin
Linus Nirbrant Guitars (2005-2006)
See also: A Canorous Quintet, Darkened, This Ending, ex-Guidance of Sin, ex-The Dead, ex-Vicious Art (live), ex-Sweet Creature, ex-The Bullseye Dirt, ex-The Macks, ex-The Problem Is? (live)
Leo Pignon Guitars (2005-2006)
See also: ex-Curriculum Mortis, ex-Niden Div. 187, ex-A Canorous Quintet, ex-This Ending
Mårten Hansen Vocals (2005-2006)
See also: A Canorous Quintet, This Ending, ex-Sins of Omission, ex-Votur, ex-October Tide
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