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The Ominous Circle - Photo

The Ominous Circle

Country of origin:
Porto, Porto
Formed in:
Death/Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
Occultism, Death
Current label:
Osmose Productions
Years active:
Z.P. Bass
See also: Dementia 13, Grunt, Holocausto Canibal, Law of Contagion (live), Under Fetid Corpses (live), ex-Fetal Incest, Spinning Torso, The Anti-Frog Project, ex-Axia, ex-Serrabulho (live), ex-Skinning (live), ex-Stuprum Dei, ex-C.R.U.D.
M.A. Drums
See also: Axia, Norunda, W.A.K.O., Solid Spectrum (live), ex-Oblique Rain, ex-Bloodhunter, ex-Colosso, ex-Grunt, ex-Basement Torture Killings (live), ex-Crisix (live), ex-Heavenwood (live), ex-Holocausto Canibal (live)
A.C. Guitars
See also: Holocausto Canibal, ex-Hacksaw, ex-Colosso, ex-Grunt (live)
M.S. Guitars
See also: Dementia 13, Pitch Black, ex-Biolence
S.L. Vocals
See also: Legacy of Brutality, ex-Replica (live)
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