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The Mass

Country of origin:
Montreal, Quebec
Changed name
Formed in:
Sludge/Doom Metal
Lyrical themes:
Last label:
Great White North Records
Years active:
2001-2005, 2005-present (as Towards Darkness)
Having been informed of a Californian band called The Mass, they changed their name to Towards Darkness in 2005.

Compilation Appearance:
- "Despair" on Clinical Extractions Vol. 1 (Unmatched Brutality, 2005)
Nick Richards Drums (2001-2005)
See also: Show of Bedlam, ex-Towards Darkness, ex-Maruka
Simon Carignan Keyboards, Guitars (2001-2005)
See also: Escarre, Towards Darkness, ex-Longing for Dawn, ex-Veneficium, ex-Esker
Kevin Jones Vocals, Bass (2001-2005)
See also: Escarre, Towards Darkness, ex-Negativa, ex-Seized, ex-Show of Bedlam, ex-Rostrum (live), ex-Blodewed, ex-Maruka
Joël Cyr Vocals, Guitars (2001-2005)
See also: ex-Towards Darkness
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