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The Horn

Country of origin:
Reservoir, Victoria
Formed in:
Industrial Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
Egyptian mythology
Current label:
Shaytan Productions
Years active:
The Horn dubs his music "Pure Ancient Occult Egyptian Space Metal".

His aim is to set the whole Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead to music. All lyrics are taken from translations of the book by R.O.Faulkner.

The Egyptian Book of the Dead Vol.1-9 were all released on CD in a small number of copies.
The Horn's A D MacHine All instruments, Vocals (1997-present)
See also: Forgotten Cairns, Rakshasa, A Cluster of Fungus, Dead Ants Rainbow/Trio, Gloomintrolls, Gnaumgn, Grist, Haark, Haraam, Ice Cold, Intrinsic Light, Merge Into Stripes, Neverything, Sole-Obscvrato, Stinky Picnic, The Ripening, ex-Black Lunch
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