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The Franks Daredevils - Photo

The Franks Daredevils

Country of origin:
Portneuf, Quebec
Changed name
Formed in:
Death/Thrash Metal
Lyrical themes:
Last label:
Via Nocturna
Years active:
2005-2011 (as Hell Fire's Club 666), 2011-2019, 2019-present (as Frank Dubé)
From 2005 to 2011 the band was known under the name of Hell Fire's Club 666, but in 2011 changed the name because it was too related to Freemasonry. In 2019 changed simply to his stage name Frank Dubé.
François Dubé Drums (2011-2015), Guitars, Bass, Vocals (2011-?), Keyboards (2011-2015)
See also: Frank Dubé, Invocatio, Vindicta, ex-Hell Fire's Club 666, Act of Hatred, All Dressed, Critical Mass, Mason Jar, Rapture, Sun of Blood, Underless
Arnaud Krakowka Drums (2015-?)
See also: Arnaud Krakowka, Frank Dubé, Shivered, Sins, ex-Spectre, ex-Wizards Fortress
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