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The Erinyes - Photo

The Erinyes

Country of origin:
France / Brazil / Italy
Formed in:
Symphonic Metal/Rock
Current label:
Frontiers Records
Years active:
Andrea Buratto Bass
See also: Eternal Idol, Hell in the Club, Secret Sphere, Ace of Hearts
Michele Sanna Drums
See also: Coma, Lunarian, Sunstorm, Sweet Oblivion, Gamma Ray (live), ex-Misbelieving, Kraemer, ex-One Machine, ex-Shardana, ex-Turilli / Lione Rhapsody (live), ex-Dedalus in Bloom, ex-Frontiers All Stars
Aldo Lonobile Guitars
See also: Archon Angel, Black Eye, Edge of Forever, Lunarian, Ring of Fire, Secret Sphere, Sweet Oblivion, Poison Rose, ex-Death SS, ex-Elvenking (live), ex-Civilization One, ex-Dead Leaves, ex-Frontiers All Stars
Antonio Agate Keyboards
See also: Lunarian, Sweet Oblivion, ex-Odd Dimension, ex-Secret Sphere, ex-Archon Angel
Justine Daaé Vocals
See also: Elyose, Road to Consciousness, ex-Grey November, ex-Garden of Sins
Nicoletta Rosellini Vocals
See also: Alterium, Walk in Darkness, ex-Kalidia, ex-Aevum (live), ex-Kaledon (live), ex-Overtures (live), ex-Vivaldi Metal Project (live), ex-Neverwing
Mizuho Lin Vocals
See also: Semblant, ex-Ankhy (live), ex-Frontiers All Stars
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