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The Codex

Country of origin:
Formed in:
Progressive/Power Metal
Inner struggles, Relationships, Sorrow, Lies
Last label:
Frontiers Records
Years active:
Compilation appearance(s):
- "Toxic Kiss" on Let The Hammer Fall Vol. 62 (Metal & Hard Rock Hammer World, 2007)
Linus Abrahamson Bass (2007-?)
See also: Andromeda, Constancia, Edge of a Circle, Mr. Gul, Nonexist, Vagus, ex-Anton Johansson's Galahad Suite, ex-Jarawynja, Cap Outrun, ex-Citadellion, ex-Until Rain, ex-Solar Dawn, ex-Mister Kite
Daniel Flores Drums (2007-?)
See also: Crash the System, Xsavior, ex-Hubi Meisel, ex-Mind's Eye, ex-Zool, ex-7days, ex-Tears of Anger, ex-Afterglow, Cry of Dawn, Find Me, The Murder of My Sweet, ex-Evil Masquerade, ex-Mindcage, ex-Secret Sphere, ex-Fatal Force
Magnus Karlsson Guitars, Keyboards (2007-?)
See also: Allen / Olzon, Anette Olzon, Ginevra, Heart Healer, Kiske / Somerville, Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall, Primal Fear, The Ferrymen, ex-Last Tribe, ex-Midnight Sun, ex-Planet Alliance, Starbreaker, ex-Bob Catley, ex-Scheepers (live), ex-Allen - Lande, ex-Frontiers All Stars
Mark Boals Vocals (2007-?)
See also: Byron Nemeth Group, Dramatica, Joshua Perahia, Lyraka, Mark Boals, Ring of Fire, Seven the Hardway, Shining Black, ex-Holy Force, ex-Vindictiv, Dio Disciples, Ghosts of Gods, Circus of Rock (live), ex-Dokken, ex-Iron Mask, ex-Lab├┐rinth, ex-Royal Hunt, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen, ex-Adrian Galysh, ex-Billionaires Boys Club, ex-Foundry, ex-Genius, ex-Savoy Brown, ex-Ted Nugent, ex-Uli Jon Roth
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